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Video Corrupt? Try Best Methods to Repair It Important

Video Corrupt? Try Best Methods to Repair It

Video files play a very important in our life by capturing all our precious and important moments. There are several video file formats, like MOV, MP4, and AVI available that you can use to save your files. MP4 is a popular video format and is mainly known for its best resolution, graphics, and audio quality. You can use this format to download and stream videos from the internet.

But ever wondered what if your video files became inaccessible. Whenever you find any corrupt, damaged, or broken video file in your system, it is important to recover it. There are several ways by which you can bring your videos back to a healthy playable state. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some common video repair methods that you can try to repair video files.

What Corrupts Your Video Files?

There are several reasons why any video file may not play on your system. Some of the main causes for MP4 video not playing issues are:

  • Incorrect conversion of video file formats.
  • Incomplete video files transfer or download.
  • Audio or video getting out of sync.
  • Issue while downloading the video.
  • Editing on unreliable video editors.
  • Virus or malware attacks.
  • Having a corrupted or unauthorized media player
  • The sudden change of file extension to some other format.

These are a few common symptoms of video getting corrupt or damaged. In each of these scenarios, you need to apply video repair methods to repair your videos.

Effective Methods to Repair Corrupted Video Files

There are multiple methods that you can apply to fix a corrupt video file. You can use some free methods or third-party software to start the video repair process. Let’s discuss each one of them in detail.

Method 01: Change Video File Format Using VLC Media Player

You can fix many minor corruption issues with your video files by using the open-source platform, i.e., VLC Media Player. It provides in-built index repair features that instantly repair movie file indexes.

In VLC, you can fix AVI video files using the fix feature. You can manually enable or disable it manually to fix issues with your videos. Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the format of the corrupt MP4 video file and fix any issue with your video files:

  • Select and right-click on the video file that you have to repair.
  • Select “Rename” and change its format to .avi as shown below and press Enter.Play
  • Now, launch VLC and click on Tools. VLC
  • Select Preferences and go to Input Codecs.Player
  • Navigate to the Input/Codecs section after which the Inputs/Codecs Settings window will appear on the screen.
  • Under the Damaged or incomplete AVI file section, choose the “Always fix” option and click Save.


Once you are done with the above steps, play the corrupt .mp4 video file with VLC, and it should run.

Method 02: Transcode MP4 Video Files in VLC

Transcoding video files in the VLC player can help you to play them on unsupported media players. Go through the following steps to transcode MP4 videos using VLC:

  • Open the VLC Media Player and select “Convert/Save” from the Media menu.VLC media player
  • Click Add button to browse the mp4 video that you have to transcode.Add
  • Next, click on Convert/Save and choose a file name and the desired file location in the Convert window. From the Profile list, select the input codecs for your video file as per your requirement.
  • Select the Edit Selected Profile button to configure the profile settings. You can use this option to create new profiles or delete your existing ones. Click on the Start button.


The above steps will help you to fix corrupt MP4 files using the VLC media player. Once the transcoding is done, play the videos using VLC or other players.

Method 03: Increase Cache Values in the VLC Player

Increasing the cache values of your videos in the VLC player fixes fully damaged mp4 files along with video lags and stutters. In VLC, you can apply the following steps to increase its Cache values:

  • Launch VLC Media Player and navigate to the Tools option.
  • Click on Preferences under the Tools menu.ADD
  • Now, from the two options among Simple & All appearing in the Show Settings section, click on All.Tools
  • Now, click on the Input/Codec option and choose the Advanced option.advanced
  • Increase the value appearing in the File caching(ms) box to 1000.
  • At last, click on the Save button and restart the VLC player.

Method 04: Use QuickTime to Repair MP4 Videos on Mac 

If your video is corrupted on Mac, then you can repair it with the help of the QuickTime player. QuickTime media player allows Mac users to check damaged and corrupt video files on it. Follow the below-given steps to easily repair damaged video files on MAC using QuickTime without any hassle:

  • Firstly, play the MP4 video in QuickTime.
  • Go to the Window tab and click on the “Show Movie Inspector” option. A detailed description of the mp4 video will appear on your screen.
  • If your video displays a black screen, it means that your video is corrupted.
  • In case of corrupt videos, click the Edit option located under the QuickTime menu.
  • Choose Preferences and then select QuickTime Preferences. Click on the Update button to update your video player.
  • Restart your QuickTime media player and check whether you are able to play videos.

Method 05: Use a Professional Video Repair Tool

If none of the above workarounds fixes your issue, it’s time to use third-party software to bring MP4 media files to a playable state again. There are many video repairing tools that can help you to deal with severe multimedia corruption issues. One of the popular tools that many users have tried is Stellar repair for video. This amazing software can help you to repair your severely corrupt movie files, music videos, and other video format files easily and quickly.

Wrapping Up:

In this blog, we have mentioned how to repair corrupt video files by applying various methods. You can try any of these methods to repair MP4 files. You can even use a popular Stellar video repair tool to fix all multimedia issues. It is an all-in-one solution to fix the corruption issue with your file.


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