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How to plan your PWA development?

PWA development life cycle is less complex than native apps' and the process itself – is shorter and cheaper. Nevertheless, you should plan it in detail to avoid surprises! Note that the final shape of the PWA development process may differ depending on project requirements and methodology. However, this framework may help you establish your individual plan.

Although slightly less popular than a few years ago, progressive web apps are still common, with many tech giants across industries choosing them over native apps. If you’re also interested in implementing a PWA or switching to this development model,…

Flowers’ Magic by Swarajshop

Flowers' Magic by Swarajshop

With all of this in mind, Swarajshop’s hardworking and talented staff has created an incredibly varied assortment of flowery traditional attire that is popular throughout this year’s wedding season of 2023, bringing a whimsical French girl aesthetic feel to the…

The Best Disney Classics To Stream On Disney+

Are you curious about what there is to watch on Disney+? With the recent launch of Disney’s streaming service, the entertainment giant has put together a diverse lineup of movies and series sure to please everyone in your family. Let’s…