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How to Use a Wax Heater to Melt Down Wax?

Waxing seems like a complex process to many but in reality, it isn’t that complicated. You just have to think about the temperature and consistency and you are good to go. We are presenting the five steps for achieving the ideal wax consistency every time. If you want to check wax heater price in Pakistan then check online and compare prices.

Set your wax heater’s temperature to the max:

How to heat wax with wax heater? You might be feeling concerned that max temperature doesn’t ever sound good. But this is just the temperature your wax heater should be on to kick things off.

This will aid in melting down the wax quickly to give you a good base, but do not leave it too long. Place your hard wax into your wax heater and leave it at the max for about 3 to 5 minutes and then check on it. The amount of wax in your pot will affect the temperature and the consistency of the wax, if you have half a pot, three minutes will be enough.

Now you might notice there is a sticky center and really fluid hot wax on the edges. Mix the melted wax around with the sticky center to get an even distribution of heat. Once you are done with mixing the wax, lower the temperature down to between 55-65 sot the really hot wax can cool and set to find the ideal consistency. You might turn the temperature down to 45 degrees if the wax is still looking a bit too hot.

Consistency is very important:

As you learn to maneuver hard wax yourself, you will see that temperature suggestions are just a guide. Pay close attention to the hard wax consistency as that is the priority over sticking to a specific temperature degree. It is crucial to see how the wax feels on your stick than trying to stick to a temperature. The amount of wax in your pot affects the consistency and also the room temperature. If you can spoon the wax onto your stick and twirl it with control, it is ideal.

The wax temperature depends on the area you are waxing:

How to use a wax warmer for hair removal? It is a very important question. You need to customize the temperature for the area you are waxing. For the larger areas like the legs, arms, and underarms, the wax consistency needs to be a bit stickier. For the facial areas like the brows and lips, the wax temperature will need to be slightly warmer. The wax consistency for your face will be ideal if you have a slow drip of the stick. This gives you plenty of time to pull the wax and lay it on the skin.

Waxing multiple areas? Begin with the larger ones:

If you are waxing all your body parts or multiple body parts then it is ideal to start with the areas that will require more wax. It is easier to take your wax from a sticky consistency to a warmer, more fluid consistency. That’s why you should treat areas that require more wax first.

Consistently adjust the temperature:

How to melt wax beads with warmer? You will need to continually adjust the temperature as you are waxing in order to keep the consistency right. As you go along and use more wax, your pot will start to empty and heat won’t be distributed the same way as when the pot was full.

All in all:

Heating wax isn’t rocket science, if you follow the steps and don’t make any blunders, you will be able to melt the wax easily using a wax heater. Just try to make sure you follow the steps correctly and you will have a very pleasant waxing experience.

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