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How to Setup VPN on Windows 10?

In this 21-century technology, advancement is upgrading in each passing year. A virtual private network (VPN) is one of the most common approaches to access files and resources. These resources are such as apps, printers, and intranet websites from particular remote locations. By using free VPN you can easily access the information over the internet via an encrypted connection. Generally,  businesses use the best free VPN for Windows to increase their private network. In addition, VPN for Windows allows their employees to access resources so they can connect directly to the company’s network.

If we talk about Windows 10 it has the incoming connection feature. But other versions of the operating system allow you to set up a VPN for Windows to connect remotely. Users are capable of accessing the home network and computer’s files and peripherals.

In this blog post, we are going to explain a complete guide to set up a free VPN server on your Windows 10 computer. There is no need to install any additional software, whether you’re using the home or premium edition of the operating system.

8 Easy Steps to Setup VPN on Windows 10:

Step 1. You have to go to the start to access routing and remote access for administrative tools.

Step 2. In the left section of the console, you have to tap on the server icon that corresponds to the local server name. The routing and remote access service haven’t been activated if the icon has a red circle and activated if the icon has a green arrow pointing up.

You have to reconfigure the server if the routing and remote access service were previously turned on. To reconfigure the server, right-click on it and choose the disable routing & remote access option from the menu. When you get a pop-up with an informational message, click Yes to proceed.

Step 3. Now start the routing and remote access server setup wizard by right-clicking on the server icon. Then configure the enable routing and remote access. To continue for more click next.

Step 4. To activate remote computers to connect with networks through the Internet you should choose remote access and click Next.

Step 5. According to the requirement or need, you have to assign to this server. Then click VPN or Dial-up then click next after selecting the network interface that is configured to the Internet in the best free VPN for Windows.

Step 6. If you want to assign an address to a DHCP server to distant clients, you have to click Automatically. Otherwise, select from a predefined range of addresses if remote clients are given an address from a predefined pool.

In many situations, DHCP is the easier solution to execute the process. If you have no DHCP, you’ll have to specify a static address range and proceed to the next step.

Step 7. The address range setup dialogue box appears if you clicked from a defined range of addresses. In the beginning, select New. In the Start IP address box, if there is a need for an IP address then type the first IP address in the range that you want to use.

Then put the address of the last IP address box, type the last IP address in the range. By calculated by Windows. Return to the Address Range Assignment menu bar by clicking OK. To continue, tap on the Next button.

Step 8. Now accept the default selection of No, and authenticate connection using routing and remote access, and then proceed further. To activate the routing & remote access service and configure the server as a Remote Access server, finally click Finish.

Final Words

We hope that after reading this blog post you will be able to set up a VPN on Windows 10. No doubt, using your VPN for Windows settings is too beneficial for you. As if Windows connects you to the VPN server automatically, so you won’t have to change it manually in every attempt every time. Furthermore, a free VPN assists you to safely join a private network from a distant area. So you have to consider the people who work from home and use the best free VPN for Windows servers. They can easily gain access to all documents and other data on the company’s network.

Thanks for reading!

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