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How to get barrier blocks used as an obstacle in minecraft?

Here is question How to get barrier blocks in minecraft An obstacle is a hidden part that is used as an obstacle in minecraft. The strange thing is that they are inseparable. In Existence Mode, players can defend the area against groups and other players. An obstacle block is like a square red block. Their symbols are related to the “do not cross” symbols. These blocks have many features, but the best part is that they are virtually indestructible because of their invisibility. In this article you will learn how to overcome the obstacle and how you can achieve it. Let’s talk about it.

How to overcome obstacles in minecraft.

It is worth noting that in Minecraft we can not prevent obstacles from stoves or technical tables. This is the only part I found in Minecraft via commands. Compared to other blocks, barrier blocks technology is more resistant to “fraud”.

In Minecraft, players use the / give command to interrupt. We do the same here, so open the chat window in Minecraft (we use the pocket version).

This is where you can open the chat option in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

This is what we need to enter the correct command to get the barrier blocks.

After opening the chat window, we type the above command with their value in the chat window. You must execute the command by pressing Enter. Since we want barrier blocks, we change the value with the number in this command.

Existing blocks cannot be retrieved unless activated using “fraud”. Once we have entered into the fraud, we can recapture the value limits listed in the command and then add them to our inventory.

After all this process, we will see a message in the lower left corner of the game window stating that “IamMiner has been given [barriers] x <amount>.” This means that we blocked the player named IamMiner.


As we have seen, barrier blocks can only be obtained by command. There is a special command for this, which provides obstacles to the operation of the Minecraft adventure trading cards. After reading this article, we hope that by performing the command correctly you can remove the barrier and protect your territory.

Unless you are changing your keystrokes for Java Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition on PC or Mac, press T on your keyboard to open it.

In Pocked Edition you have to tap on the chat bubble icon at the top of the screen.

On Xbox One and PS4 you can right-click on your D-pad on the controller.

You can do the same on Xbox One and PS4 by pressing the right arrow to the left of your controller on the Nintendo Switch.

Use of obstacles in minecraft

When you see the red cross icon in your toolbar, the number with which you have donated yourself, you will know that you have performed the command correctly.

If you are in creative mode, the number of blocks is less important as it gives you an unlimited number of blocks.

After interrupting, you will see it faster. After a few seconds it will be a floating red circle that will be crossed before it disappears.

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