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How to Fix MS Word is not Working Issue?

MS Word is software for Office packages. It’s also available as a single application for a variety of platforms. Word is an editing and writing tool that lets you create documents, editing, and sharing services. Word is dependable software however, some users complained of issues when opening Word on a PC. Users may experience Word-related errors after the Word Subscription Expired.

Verify the date of your subscription in your Office. If it’s expired, you must renew your plan. If your plan is not in expiry and you’re experiencing Word errors, then you should look for other causes.

Troubleshooting MS Word Not Working Error:

Try To Open MS Word in Safe Mode

If you notice that your Word isn’t responding, you can open Word in the Word program in safe mode. Your Word will be open with no addition-ins. Try to launch the program in a safe setting.

  • A prompt will be displayed;
  • Click the Yes button.
  • Select the options file from the menu.
  • Click on the Add-ins tab and select Manage.
  • Click the Go button and uncheck the add-ins.
  • Then, switch the system to Normal mode and select Word icon.

Install the Latest Update for Your Office Setup

If Word displays an error during running, it is time to check the latest versions. The software will display errors when they are not up to date. It is important to check for the most recent update for your Office.

  • Open your Office application
  • Go to the File
  • Select Account and tap on Product Information
  • Select Update Options and click on the Enable Update button.
  • Click on the Update Now button, and the most recent upgrade (if it is available) will begin installing on your system. Also, make sure to check whether you are running any Windows update.

Find the Windows new version. If it’s available, then install it on your PC and run the Word program on your PC.

Use the Office Repair Tool

If you’re getting this error message- Word Subscription Expired; when you run Office for your device for an unidentified reason, you can try using this Office Repair Tool. Windows includes the Office repair tool that can check the issues within the installation and corrects them by itself.

  • Click on the MS Office setup in the Programs folder.
  • Then, click the option Change and then press to repair it.
  • Click the Continue button, and then wait for the results.
  • You can also utilize the online repair tool.

Run Antivirus on Your Device

Word functions could be prone to problems due to malware infection. If your device has malware like viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc. They corrupt different aspects and also steal personal data. If the Word displays an error, it is recommended to check for malware.

Make sure you use a trusted antivirus to scan your system. The antivirus must eliminate all malware, including spyware, viruses, ads, and Trojans, etc. After scanning your PC, you can open Word, the Word program, and then create your document.

Undo The Recent Changes

If you’re facing Word-related issues following changing some settings; you must reverse the modifications.

Restart your computer, and then reverse the changes one at a time. Reset the settings and then attempt to open Word.

If changing the settings is difficult, you must employ an instrument to repair the look.

Use the Windows restore tool, and then undo all adjustments to earlier times in one go.

Start on the desktop and launch Word. Open the Word program. Then, run Word on your computer and then look for the error.

Remove The Word Related Registry Files

Some users encounter Word-related issues when registry files contain several of the alternatives for Word.

It is necessary to delete Word registry files. Word registry files to correct the issue. Start your registry editor, and then click on Word-related files. Word associated files. Then, export the files to your desktop. Then open the registry editor again. Click the options keys to remove the files. Then restart your computer and then open Word on your computer.

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