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How do I fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working In My Phone

How to fix Amazon Prime Video not working.

After you’ve sat down for the latest episode, Amazon Prime Video suddenly stopped functioning. Instead you are staring blankly at the screen.

What should I do? Sometimes, Amazon Prime Video may need to be repaired. If it does not work, we’ll help you repair it.

Is Your  Prime Video Account Active?

Check your account status to see if Amazon Prime Video isn’t working. You can either subscribe to Amazon Prime Video-only or an annual subscription.

You can check if your account is activated by visiting Amazon’s My Account page, then your Prime Video Settings page. Manage other aspects of your Prime Video subscription here.

Does your device meet the minimum requirements?

Next, verify that your device meets minimum requirements. Contact the manufacturer if it doesn’t.

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Mac OS 10.7 or newer
  • Linux/UNIX support also available

You should have an internet connection that is at least stable:

  • Standard Definition, (SD), video at 910 Kbits per second
  • High Definition, videos at 3.5Mbits per second

Choose the right browser. If you don’t have an app for your OS, you will need to use the browser. This is

  • Google Chrome (versions 60 and higher)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 53 and newer)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 11 or newer)
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows 10
  • Apple Safari, version 10 or newer on macOS 10.2.1 and neuer
  • Opera (version 37 or newer)

These tips can be used with Amazon Prime Video, provided that Amazon Prime Video meets the minimum settings.

Is this a Microsoft Silverlight Problem

Amazon Prime Video might not work if your network speed is sufficient, an operating system that supports HTML5 and a browser are available.

Many times, the media plugin may have problems with streaming video files. You can  fixed itby right-clicking on the Silverlight icon in the browser’s video window. Select Application Storage and then click on Enable storage. In the Website column, find the entry 

Mobile Amazon Prime: How To Deal With It

Are you running Amazon Prime Video on your smartphone? There is a dedicated app for Android and iOS. Prime Video is already integrated to tablets (and Fire TV)

No matter which option you choose the apps will automatically upgrade.

How do I fix Amazon Prime Video on iOS

To fix problems that aren’t related to your network, you can uninstall Amazon Prime Video on your iPhone or iPad.

Press the Prime Video icon for a long-press. Click Delete to uninstall the app. Search Prime Video in App Store to install it once again.

How do I fix  Prime Amazon Video  on Android

Are your running Amazon Prime Video on Android? There are two ways to resolve any issues with the app.

  1. Next, go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Prime video from the Home screen. Tap Storage > Clear data. To retry the video, click OK.
  2. If your app fails to install, go to Settings > App Manager > Prime Video > Uninstall. After you’ve done all this, Amazon Prime Video should be working again.
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Amazon  Video Fix For Your TV or Set Top Box

  • Reinstalling a mobile app is easy. It is easy to reinstall a mobile application if it has been installed on your set-top box or TV.
  • .Disconnect the main power supply.
  • . You can refer to the manual or the menu for more information.
  • Clear data and a Clear cache will be found eventually. After the app restarts, you’ll need to sign in again.
  • How do I fix  Server Problems?

Prime Video may occasionally be affected due to server problems.

These are usually not very durable and can cause you to binge.

  • You can log on to Amazon Prime Video using a different device. It’s possible that Amazon Prime Video isn’t working on your device.
  • A service such as Is it Down Right now? Check if Amazon is down or having problems.

Amazon Prime  Error codes for checking

Error codes show when streaming video from Amazon is interrupted in any other circumstances.

Insufficient Bandwidth Issue

App needs a minimum network speed at 900 Kbits/sec. This will allow for standard definition (SD) which is often enough for smaller displays.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Amazon Prime Video streaming may be affected by connectivity problems.

Insufficient Bandwidth is a common problem. If this happens, you can check out other streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

Check that they are working. Then, restart the device from which you are viewing Amazon Prime Video.

If this issue is permanent you can download cinema hd apk which is best alternative to amazon video

How do I fix error code 1060 on Amazon Prime Video

The “wait circle” is often preceded by error code 1060. You may see “Wait” or “Retry” options. You should also check the connection to your router.

How do I fix error code 9074 in Amazon Prime 

Amazon has not yet disclosed details about this code, so we can only speculate. Reboot your router is another option.

How do I fix a CDN problem on Amazon Prime  Apps

This error can be found on Fire Sticks or Fire TVs. This error is caused by issues accessing Amazon streaming servers.

Reboot your device using the remote. Keep the Select and Play buttons down.

These are some of the most frustrating Amazon Prime Video problems. These issues can be fixed easily.

Get Amazon Prime Video Working Again

We have examined the reasons Amazon Video stopped working. Keep your streaming device close to your router.

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