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DotBig Forex Broker Review

DotBig Forex Broker Review

DotBig LTD Review: More Pros or Cons?

Online trading has its advantages and disadvantages. But if you have strong analytical skills, you have a lot of chances to benefit from it. All you have to do is to choose a proper trading platform that will offer profitable conditions and helpful tools for your forex trading activity. Does DotBig forex broker suit this description?

To answer this question, we need to learn more about the DotBig company. Obviously, it has its downsides, but if they are very impactful compared to the benefits? We explored hundreds of DotBig testimonials on different review platforms to figure this out. It helped us to estimate trading conditions, the usability of platforms, commissions, and other factors from the point of view of traders with real trading experience.

We also need to warn you that online trading always involves risk even if you trade through the most secure trading platforms. No licenses or data protection measures can protect you from the volatility of the financial markets and different assets. Try to minimize your losses and never neglect the possibility to take some time on your trading education.

✅ Pros DotBig

  • A lot of financial markets to speculate on. DotBig offers exposure to all major financial markets with a total of more than 1,000 tradable products. For forex trading, you have 72 major currency pairs, for stock trading – over 200 real shares of publicly traded companies. In addition to this, you can profit from contracts for differences, commodities, ETFs, and indices. Plus, you can approach the market of digital currencies. Benefit from trading crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat currency pairs;
  • Top-notch tools for technical trading. The broker provides the possibility to apply different trading tools for your trading strategy. You might freely use robotic advisors, over 50 technical indicators, screening tools, an economic calendar, and more;
  • The possibility to benefit from algorithmic trading. Not always you have to do everything on your own – rely on efficient robotic advisors and algorithms offered by DotBig LTD. These are accurate trading signals that help you to choose the best time for opening and closing your deals. 
  • The stop-loss feature. This feature helps you to set limits on your investments and protects you from losing more than these limits. It’s a very good feature for managing your budget.
  • Low trading costs. Many financial services providers charge a commission for all the available services. That’s not the case for DotBig LTD. With it, you pay only commissions for withdrawals. Trading fees are included in spreads. The spreads are floating. 
  • Professional support. In DotBig testimonials, we found that the DotBig forex broker provides professional customer support. This is an essential feature for beginners who need assistance when they start trading on a new platform. 

❌ Cons of DotBig

  • High minimum deposit. While DotBig is considered a low-cost broker, it has a high minimum deposit. Many brokers don’t have a lower limit at all. In this case, you are required to pay not less than $250 for activation of the Basic account plan. There is no cent account to reduce the deposit. 
  • Minimum withdrawals are limited. Limitations on withdrawals are one of the most frequently mentioned downsides we’ve found in DotBig testimonials. Many clients don’t like that they cannot withdraw less than $50.
  • Support works on business days. Despite the proficiency of the support services, we cannot omit the fact that it doesn’t work 24/7. Clients that trade on weekends and have some issues can’t solve them these days. That’s the downside.


In the beginning, we had a question – more pros or cons? From positive DotBig testimonials, we found out that the broker has more advantages than disadvantages. It’s safe, reliable, advanced, and has beneficial trading conditions. What more do you need for profitable trading?

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