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Magic Mushrooms

A Beginner’s Guide to Using and Buying Magic Mushrooms Online

Many people are interested in using magic mushrooms as evidence regarding psilocybin benefits continues to emerge. Furthermore, the magic mushrooms effect is not as harmful as other drugs, making it enticing. However, it is crucial to emphasize there are restrictions when buying and selling mushrooms. 


Fortunately, science has made it possible for some Canadians to buy magic mushrooms online or in stores. Due to proof of research, changes in the law allow patients with terminal illnesses and therapy-resistant depression access to the drug. 


Access to shrooms is easier for anyone who wants to try them. However, buying magic mushrooms online for beginners can be overwhelming. With lots of choices, dosages, and forms, newbies will find it challenging to make a choice. The best thing is to do your research to know more about what you want.


Here is a guide you can use when buying magic mushrooms for the first time.

Why Do You Want to Try Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms give a sensation similar to marijuana. There is a feeling of relaxation, lightness, a better emotional response, etc. People who want to try shrooms often want to experience the positive effects. Meanwhile, others need magic mushrooms for medical reasons.


Whatever reason you have, it is best to know that magic mushrooms’ effect often differs from person to person. 

Is it Legal to Buy Shrooms?

Technically, buying and selling of magic mushrooms is restricted. It is only allowed for medical treatment. Patients with prescriptions can buy them. However, some people purchase magic mushrooms without a prescription despite being prohibited.


The best way to access them is by buying magic mushrooms online. 

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Many physical dispensaries offer different safe and high-quality magic mushrooms. However, walking in a shop can be overwhelming, and you might worry about being caught. So, the best option is to buy magic mushrooms online.


These magic mushroom shops are the safest and easiest way to deliver shrooms to you.


Advantages of buying magic mushrooms online:

  • You know you are getting only the best quality
  • No one will question you
  • Affordable prices
  • You can read reviews of buyers
  • Lab-tested 
  • You can get expert advice from the online shop’s customer service team
  • Authorities are not allowed to open your package. So, your item can arrive safely.

Dosage and Type of Trip

You can decide on the type of trip you want to experience. Different strains and dosages of magic mushrooms produce different results. You can search online for what kind of trip you want by reading reviews or people’s experiences.


The dosage of magic mushrooms you take will affect the trip level you want to experience. So, here is a guide on what dosage you can purchase.

  • Level One (Microdose, 0.05-0.25g): It gives a gentle and calm effect. Doctors use microdoses to treat depression and anxiety because they can affect mood and energy.
  • Level Two (Mini Dose, 0.25-0.75g): It enhances sensation, focus, and thinking.
  • Level Three (Museum Dose, 0.5-1.5g): It produces mild to moderate vision, perception, and light sensitivity changes. But it improves the mood.
  • Level Four (Medium Dose, 2-3.5g): A life-changing or philosophical experience.
  • Level Five (Megadose, >5g): A complete loss of reality and ego, strong hallucinations, and intense feeling of wonder.


Among the dosages mentioned, microdosing has been gaining traction with its effect on the human brain—people who take a magic mushroom microdose experience improvement in their wellbeing without psychotic effects.

If you decide to try microdose, the amount you should take depends on your weight and height. You can start by taking the lowest dose and gradually increasing it until you find the effect you need.


For beginners, it is best to use microdose capsules available online instead of weighing dried shrooms. 


To avoid overdosing, best to stay within the regular dose of magic shrooms, which is not more than 3 grams.

Different Strains of Magic Mushroom

Magic mushroom online shops offer a variety of strains of shrooms. They differ in the concentration of psilocybin and psilocin, giving consumers different experiences.

  • Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom

If you seek a trip that will lead to spiritual awakening, this is the strain to choose. You will feel enlightened and connected to yourself and your surroundings. With an average potency, beginners and experienced consumers can enjoy this strain.

  • Penis Envy Magic Mushroom

Its name results from its appearance having a thick stalk and round head. Penis Envy shrooms are rare. The mushroom can only produce a small percentage of spores, and it gets contaminated; hence it’s challenging to grow. Due to its rarity, it is one of the most expensive magic mushrooms. 


However, it is one of the strains characterized to have the best transformative experience.


It is highly potent and is not beginner-friendly.

  • Blue Meanies Magic Mushroom

This mushroom is a prolific fruiter, producing multiple flushes and readily bruising when touched. It has an above-average intensity as compared to other cubensis shrooms strains.

  • Hawaiian Magic Mushroom

With their rich, golden broad crowns, averagely thick white stalks, and medium height, Hawaiian magic mushrooms showcase the beauty of the Psilocybe Cubensis species. It’s a robust strain that gives consumers a whole-body high and vibrant visuals.


It has a transcendent and transformational experience. When ingested in small doses, it can brighten up the user’s mood.


Whichever strain you want to try, ensure to start with a small dose.

How to Take Magic Mushrooms?

When most people think of magic mushrooms, they probably picture them being eaten whole. You can eat it directly, but you must take precautions. However, there are many safe and effective methods for obtaining the benefits of magic mushrooms. 

  • Eat Directly

You can eat the mushrooms directly, but you have to weigh them to avoid taking too much. The downside to this method is its unpleasant taste.

  • Make Some Tea

You can brew your magic mushroom to make some delicious tea. All you have to do is steep the mushrooms in hot water, add some flavouring, and you can experience the effect of it instantly.

  • Edibles

If you want to try shrooms and enjoy their taste, you can go for magic mushroom edibles. It is the quickest way to microdose. Edibles come in different forms, like gummies or chocolates. 

  • Capsules

Another way you can microdose is by taking magic mushroom capsules. They have fixed doses of psilocybin. To intensify the effect, you can take 2 to 3 tablets.


Magic mushrooms’ prices vary depending on multiple factors. You pay for the strain of shroom, dosage, and form of the product. If you want a high-quality magic mushroom, you have to pay more. When you buy from a reputable source, it means you get the best quality. 


If you want to start using magic mushrooms, you got to start right. It will not only save you time, but it will also provide you with the best possible experience with magic mushrooms.


Consider all of the factors we’ve discussed when purchasing magic mushrooms online. Also, make sure to buy your magic mushrooms from trusted internet stores such as Zoomies Canada. It is preferable to acquire shrooms from reputable vendors than to be sorry later.


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