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7 Benefits of Owning an Intel Evo Laptop for Remote Work

More people than ever before are working remotely because of COVID-19. Now remote workers are more than office-based workers. So, businesses have to quickly adjust to support their remote workers. As a result, a lot of companies are increasingly thinking about combining in-office and remote work as a long term fix. 

Having a dependable and effective laptop is crucial given the advent of flexible work arrangements and the requirement for increased productivity. Modern programs run smoothly on mobile devices, and hybrid scheduling demands quick charging and durable battery life. So, Intel Evo laptops have been a popular option for business people looking for the best remote working experience.

But, exactly what is Intel Evo platform?

The Evo platform is a specified hardware environment that, at its most basic level, enables new, ultra-portable laptops to achieve excellent performance standards.

In this article, we’ll examine the many advantages of using an Intel Evo laptop for remote work and explain why it can drastically improve your output and working environment.

1: Extended Battery Life 

Devices built on the Intel Evo platform offer business-class performance with 9+ hours of real-world battery life, FHD displays, or impressive responsiveness. Advanced power-saving technologies and optimizations are used in Intel Evo laptops to greatly increase battery life. 

You can confidently work on your projects without worrying about running out of power during crucial meetings or while working on crucial tasks thanks to all-day battery performance.

2: Faster Charging Speed

Evo laptops also recharge more quickly than before. Intel Evo laptops have outstanding charging capabilities that enable quick recharge. You may use the device for an additional four hours after just 30 minutes of charging, which will significantly increase your productivity. 

You can fully recharge the laptop in about an hour, guaranteeing that you have a fully functional gadget to handle your task. For mobile professionals who require brief bursts of power to keep up with their demanding tasks, this fast-charging capability is a significant benefit.

3: Instant Wake and Faster Connectivity

The Evo laptop’s new rapid wake feature is another amazing addition. The Evo laptop will normally go to sleep when it is closed, but thanks to its rapid wake mode, you can now wake it up much more quickly than before. The laptop can instantly wake up and resume normal operation in under a second. 

With Wi-Fi 6 capability, Intel Evo laptops provide quicker, more dependable connectivity. This makes it possible for you to keep a steady internet connection, even in congested spaces, which facilitates smoother video conferencing, quicker file transfers, and effective teamwork.

4: Improved Security Feature 

Working remotely necessitates maintaining data security, and Intel Evo laptops offer a variety of security capabilities to safeguard your private data. These laptops are outfitted with hardware-based security features that are built into the hardware, like Intel Hardware Shield. 

It offers an improved defense against malware and other online threats. Moreover, it features biometric authentication methods like Windows Hello, allowing you to sign in securely with facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

5: Tiny and Lightweight Design

The compact form factors of the Evo laptops are yet another fantastic feature. The systems fit well into compact bags and luggage because they are less than 15 mm thick, which is incredibly thin. This compact size factor makes Evo laptops essential if you frequently travel for business. 

Also, you’ll have a dependable and potent PC with you at all times while taking up less space in your luggage. Such a laptop is a great option for mobile professionals because of its versatility.

6: Greater Emphasis on Usability

Intel Evo laptops prioritize convenience and practicality over performance and raw power. These systems are more suited to users who frequently use computers while on the road and for extended periods for work-related and personal computing requirements. 

A seamless level of work on the road is made possible by features like a rapid wake, quick connectivity, lightweight construction, and mobility.

7: Immersive Audio and Visual Experience 

Intel Evo laptops place a high priority on providing users with an outstanding audio and visual experience, allowing them to participate effectively in online meetings, conferences, and multimedia work. For design work, presentations, and video editing, several models have vivid displays with great resolution and color accuracy. 

Furthermore, these laptops frequently feature cutting-edge audio technology that provides immersive sound quality, making them ideal for listening to music, viewing films, or taking part in online team discussions.

Summing It Up

If you’re looking for a new laptop for remote work, Intel Evo laptops provide several fantastic upgrades over earlier models and can be the ideal choice. You can work from anywhere with ease because of their lightweight and portable design. 

You can even take advantage of amazing audio and visual experiences. You can have a device that is dependable, effective, and prepared for the future when you purchase this laptop.

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