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5 Things you should consider while buying Wall Hooks Online

Despite being one of the most versatile and functional hardware accessories, homeowners rarely ever pay any attention to wall hooks, and it shows when they install the most basic designs on their walls when these space-savers are available in a whole variety of designer options.

Apart from organizing the knick and knacks in your home, if selected with a little more care, a hook can be used for decorating beautiful accent walls. Wall hooks can be used for hanging anything – clothes, jewelry, mugs, or golf cases; you just have to select the right hook.

While a cabinet job or buying new furniture can be expensive, investing in these small home decor items is the perfect solution for revamping your home decor on a budget. From intricately detailed animal-shaped hooks to floral designs and colorful abstract patterns, you can add a fun character to your space using these small home decoration accessories. However, despite being small, these hardware accessories are quite functional and need to be selected thoughtfully to maintain the aesthetic and utility in your home.

So, in this short wall hook online shopping guide, we have listed some factors you should follow while buying them:

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5 Things you should consider while buying Hooks Online

  1. Check the Quantity you are getting in Each Set

Decorative hardware like knobs and hooks are often sold in sets and different brands can offer sets including varied quantities making it important that before placing the order you confirm the total number of hooks you will be getting in a set. Depending on the design you can get single pieces, three pieces, or six pieces in a set.

Since some stores sell hooks online in single pieces; selecting such hooks can increase the cost of your budget. However, such pieces tend to have a more intricate design so you can use these hooks for decorating living rooms and entertaining areas. So, always consider and compare the product price with your budget while buying hooks.


  1. Always Buy More 

If you go online to order the same hardware even after a month there is always a high chance that it will be out of stock, so make it a habit of always buying extra pieces while shopping decorative hardware online like knobs and wall hooks in more quality than you need. So, if one wears off you can simply replace it with a new one, or if you need to install more hooks, you have extra matching pieces handy in your home. Handmade wall hooks also tend to be pretty affordable so trust us you will prefer buying a few extra pairs in advance than searching for similar designs in the future.


  1. Go through the Product Specification Carefully 

Hooks are used for hanging things; so naturally, you will be purchasing them for hanging specific objects. Hooks made of different materials are suitable for hanging heavy and light things. Metal hooks tend to be sturdier are perfect for decorating plant pots, kitchen utensils, and other heavy-duty stuff. Ceramic hooks on the other hand should be used for delicate fabrics and clothing accessories. Usually, the weight capacity of the hooks is mentioned in the product description so make sure to check it while you buy wall hooks online.


  1. Check if the Hooks come with Nuts & Bolts (Installation Accessories)

Because of the diverse variety of decorative hooks in the market, each design may require a specific type of installation hardware, which may vary from brand to brand. So, always make sure that the brand you are shopping from includes the installation accessories like nuts and bolts in the delivery package.


  1. Read the Return Policies & Customer Reviews Carefully

This is the number one rule of online shopping, which also applies to wall hooks. Always, read customer reviews to buy the best products and return policies to feel safe about your purchase; so that you can return it in case it doesn’t match your expectations or home aesthetic. While scrolling through customer reviews and images, you might even be inspired by one of their ideas. 

Some home decor websites don’t replace the product or refund your money even if the package is damaged during transit. So, ensure to read such details before making a commitment. 

The diversity in our country also blesses us with a lot of festivals and opportunities to gather for endless fun and laughter. While home decoration starts with cleaning, two common home decor products used in almost all festivals in India are candles and diyas. Light is associated with positive energy in all cultures and religions and is considered auspicious in Vastu and Feng Shui. This naturally makes candles a popular home decor accessory, which also helps create a cozy atmosphere and sets the right scene for hosting any party. So, create a stunning display with these illuminators by displaying them on handcrafted cake stands. This combination will make a beautiful pooja thali, festive centerpiece, and warm winter decoration.

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect wall hooks online for your home. Implement these home decor online shopping tips and let us know if they were helpful. 

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