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Writing Articles | Why Hire a Freelancer?

Are you a business, a professional blogger or a solo web entrepreneur and you need rich and relevant editorial content? If you yourself have tried to write the texts of your site, you have surely noticed that writing for the web cannot be improvised. However, writing quality articles is essential to promote your activities. However, this task can quickly become time-consuming, especially if it’s not your forte. How about hiring a freelance web editor? Here are 4 good reasons why you absolutely must contact an expert to help you write articles, product sheets, category pages, etc. of your website or blog.

1) To improve natural referencing

Did you know that 91.5% of Internet users will not go beyond the first page of Google results? By calling on a qualified web editor, you put all the chances on your side to improve the positioning of your site in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

His knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows him to write effective articles with high added value. It is able to produce content that appeals to both search engines and your visitors. Likewise, he knows how to optimize a page so that it meets Google’s requirements.

Concretely, a web editor will search for the most relevant keywords to insert them strategically and as naturally as possible throughout the article. He will also work on several aspects such as the internal mesh, the lexical field or the HTML tags. In addition to improving user experience (UX), good markup serves to structure a page so that search engines can easily scan it.

All this optimization work is essential. It enhances the credibility of the site. Entrusting the management of your content to a professional who masters natural referencing techniques can significantly boost your business.

In addition, a freelance writer regularly updates his knowledge in order to always provide quality work. He is on permanent watch to be aware of the latest recommendations and practices in terms of writing optimized articles.

2) To benefit from the services of a professional who knows how to write for the web

You have probably already wondered how to write well for the web. Know that the production of content for the Internet is a real job that requires:

  • master the language of writing: a site full of errors, not only does not look very professional, but also is not appreciated by Google. Spelling, grammar, syntax, conjugation and typography must be impeccable.
  • know how to adapt to the particular universe of the web: due to the behavior of Internet users and their mode of consumption of information, one does not write an article for the web as one write for a paper medium. The reader stays on average 30 to 60 seconds on a page. He must be able to find clear and precise information there, and that quickly.
  • know how to structure a text according to its objective: the method for writing a blog article is not the same as that used for a category page for example.

An experienced freelance writer knows how to write to be read. Whether writing scientific texts, legal articles, product description sheets or others, he knows how to adapt the tone and structure to make reading more digestible. For some content such as about ghost book writers or sales pages, he will use very effective editorial techniques such as copywriting or storytelling.

Thanks to his expertise, he will be able to produce unique and engaging articles while respecting your editorial line. Some writers even have favorite topics. However, their versatility and open-mindedness allow them to write on various topics (law, real estate, tourism, health, beauty, etc.).

If you are looking for writers in your field, La Redact du Web puts you in touch with qualified freelancers.

3) To delegate the writing of articles and save precious time

For a blogger, writing an effective blog post is a real concern. For an e-commerce business, product sheets that convert are essential for the survival of the company. The stakes are high.

You think you are good at spelling and have a nice pen. You may have some SEO knowledge. But now, writing is not your job. And as a business owner, you have a whole host of other things to manage to grow your business.

In addition, we must not forget that a site must be regularly supplied with new and quality content to be well referenced, to continue to interest its audience and to attract new readers. Searching for reliable sources, organizing, sorting, synthesizing information, writing, correcting, proofreading, all of this takes time. And as they say, time is money.

Delegating web content writing will allow you to focus on what you love and know how to do best: your core business.

A freelance writer will be able to write a good article faster than someone completely new to the subject. And always with a view to optimizing your time, some freelancers can integrate the articles directly into WordPress or another CMS, search for images to illustrate the page, etc.

4) To get long-term support in the development of a business on the Internet

Being his own boss, a freelance writer enjoys greater freedom of action in supporting his clients. This leeway allows him to suggest areas for improvement, innovative ideas and to be proactive.

Thanks to its versatility, it can even take over all the management of your online presence. He can assist you in developing an effective content strategy, setting up editorial schedules, communicating on social networks, etc.

Moreover, as a freelancer, he freely manages his schedule and organizes his activity of writing articles independently. Whether for one-off assignments or for longer-term collaboration, whether you want SEO-optimized content or not, whether you order a single text or a series of articles, it adapts to your needs.

For the freelancer, becoming self-employed is not a forced choice. Writing for the web is a passion, a passion that is reflected in the quality of the work he provides.

Today, the Internet has become essential for the development of a business. You still have to be visible and know how to retain your customers and prospects. At a time when competition is raging, calling on the services of a web writing expert only has advantages and can make all the difference. Need content with high added value? Find available and qualified freelance writers now.

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