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WPS Office Training Working With WPS Presentation

What Is WPS Presentation?

WPS Presentation is an all-inclusive slideshow editing tool for professionals. It is an incredible alternative to MS PowerPoint and is available online for free to use. As the name suggests, WPS Presentation allows users to present text and contents in an organized sequence of slides, as well as efficiently add images, audio, and video to the slideshow.

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Whether you are a student, professional, or office bearer, you’re required to make slideshow presentations quite often. You might have only used the traditional MS PowerPoint tool till now. Although MS Office’s PowerPoint is an all-rounder when it comes to making presentations, it has been overtaken by the amazing WPS Presentation because of the additional functionalities it provides.

Compelling Features Of WPS Presentation

Here, we have listed some of the most advantageous features of WPS Presentation along with an explanation of how users can benefit from them.

Enhanced And Easy Sharing

Lengthy presentations containing audio or video result in a large-sized PPT file. Sharing such files on WhatsApp or other media becomes a concern because they do not support large file sharing. As a solution, WPS Presentation allows compressing the PPT file into a smaller size that can be easily shared across media.

Variety Of Appealing Design Templates

WPS Presentation provides a handful of professional and decent design templates to choose from. You get these design templates and themes already built-in for free. All you need to do is choose a preferred template that aligns with your needs, download it online, and you’re good to go.

Provides Cross-Platform Compatibility

Since WPS Office Suite is compatible with a bunch of OS including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc. The WPS PPT files can be viewed and easily edited on these platforms. WPS Presentation also fully keeps up with Google Docs and Microsoft PowerPoint. Moreover, it supports common PPT formats including .ppt, .pptm, and .pptx.

PPT To PDF Conversion

WPS Presentation enables users to convert their PPT files into PDFs and vice versa. This helps prevent the contents and formatting of the presentation from changing when shared and opened on other devices.

Slide Design Tools

Slide design tools such as slide transitions, icons, and animations enhance the overall look of the presentation. WPS Presentation comes with plenty of such functionalities to make your slides look more appealing and professional when presented.

Presenter Tools

Presenter tools enhance the presentation experience for the presenter as well as the audience. These tools include a voice-over narration feature as well as a presenter-only view with notes and comments viewable to the presenter only.

Template Customization Enabled

The latest versions of WPS Presentation provide users with an even enhanced template library with thousands of pre-built slide templates that can accommodate all your needs. Furthermore, you can now customize the existing templates as you like. Or you may create an entirely new template based on your needs by using the flexible customization options.

Robust File Sharing

New and improved versions of WPS Presentation now enable quick and easy file sharing across individual platforms as well as teams. This feature significantly boosts user experience and work efficiency.

Diverse Charts And Graphs Options

Adding charts and graphs to your presentation is always appreciated. WPS Presentation comes up with a diverse range of categorized charts and graphs to choose from. You can easily add them to your presentation as well as edit them in a flexible manner.

Available On Cloud

Having to access your files on any device, anytime, and anywhere is the new way to go. This is possible by saving your data on a cloud platform. WPS Presentation is also available in a cloud-based version. Any files saved on the cloud version are just a login away.

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