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Change Your Snapchat Location

Would You Like To Change Your Snapchat Location?

For most of our daily apps like GPS navigation apps and weather apps, our GPS locations must be accurate. In some cases, however, it can be very useful to have the ability to change our location. Read more to know why:

  • It offers greater privacy.
  • It allows us to access location-based Snapchat filters.
  • You can surprise or prank friends who regularly check your location.

Keep Your Information Private 

Snapchat introduced the controversial Snap Map feature in 2017. In 2017, Snapchat introduced the controversial Snap Map feature. This raised concerns about stalking and cyberbullying among minors who use the app a lot.

Childnet International, a child safety organization, recommended that Snapchat users not “share their location, especially with people who they don’t know in real life.” Snap Map is precise and allows users to pinpoint the locations of others on a map.

Snapchat uses GPS tracking to locate locations when location-sharing is enabled. However, this only works when the app is opened. Snapchat is not like other apps that use GPS such as Google Maps or Find My Friends. Snapchat is not supposed to track our location if we don’t open it all day.

Steps to Change Snapchat Location 

Let’s get down to the point where you can see the working of the location changing and show you steps to change it:

Step 1: Install the app 

Snapchat is already installed if you’re reading this. We won’t discuss it. Next, you’ll need the FakeLoc app for location change. It can be downloaded from MXCode’s website. There is a separate page dedicated to the product. There you will find the link to download. Simply install the app and grant all permissions. Root access is not required. All you need is to grant the necessary permissions for the feature.

Step 2: Choose the location 

Next, you will need to change the fake location. If you have the app installed on Mac or Windows, you can connect your iPhone. The map allows you to select your preferred location. You can select any location anywhere in the world.

If you want to create a live location, then you will need to choose one of these modes. These are the three options available. There are three options: running, walking, or jogging. This will continuously move you around. This will make others think you are moving around from one place to the next. If you are pranking someone on Snapchat, this will make it seem more real. FakeLoc location changer can not only change your GPS at any time, but it can also simulate walking, cycling, or driving.

Step 3: Apply, Test 

Once you’ve changed the location, it is time to apply them and verify if they have been applied. Before you launch Snapchat to verify that the location works, open the Map app. This will give you an accurate idea of the situation. After you’re done, head to Snapchat to check if the location has changed or if the old location is still available. That’s it. After you’re done, turn off the fake address. Many people forget to turn off the fake location. Make sure you do this.

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