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Why Study English Literature? What an English degree can offer you?

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English Literature is one of the universally loved subjects of study due to its ability to help a person attain personal and professional development. Literature is not just about reading English books but also involves texts translated from other languages thereby helping one gain universal perspectives.

Due to its growing popularity, students are interested to earn a degree in Bachelor of English literature and build their careers. This three-year programme will help the students in their journey to understanding the diversity of human culture and develop better worldviews.

So, in what ways can an English degree help you and your growth? Let us explore the possibilities of an English literature degree.

Why should you study English Literature?

An English literature degree introduces students to the artistic expressions of different authors belonging to different times in history. So, students get to know a period’s social, political, and historical facts by indulging in literary pieces of work. This will lead them to question stereotypes and develop a critical thinking faculty in their brain.

The diversity of content in English literature is highly beneficial for a person’s growth. A student when introduced to the world of different genres of the book such as novel, poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction, theories, etc. during their formative years, develops a sense of rational understanding which will help them grow as a person.

Another important fact about studying English literature is that it helps build transferable skills in a student. Transferable skills are those which can be used in different fields of work. Examples of transferable skills are writing, drafting, editing, proofreading, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, presentation skills, organised behaviour, etc. All these skills are highly valued at any workplace in the world and can benefit your career growth immensely.

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Having different skills opens the door to plenty of careers after completing your studies. With an English literature degree, you can explore careers in industries such as journalism, digital marketing, education, editing and proofreading, public relations, human resources, publication, social media management, and many more. All these industries offer lucrative salaries and flexibility in work schedules.

Is an English degree worth pursuing?

Academic and professional growth is important when it comes to building a life. But the most significant factor to consider is whether you enjoy it and if it interests you. An English literature degree is rightfully considered as the mirror of life and opens pastures before you that you will never tire of exploring.

A career in this field will be a culmination of your knowledge and your interests. In this way, you can capitalise on your passions in life while experiencing true joy and contentment.

Completing an English degree offers you plenty of chances for higher studies in any field of your choice as well as leads you to interesting career paths. Therefore, it provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in things that you love doing.

So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in an English Literature programme today.


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