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Why people make Apartment their home? Find Your Dream Home

Many people prefer living in apartments rather than in independent houses these days. People who migrate to a new city for jobs and higher education prefer apartments over houses. The apartments solve the problems of limited housing spaces in the urban areas. Rental apartments grew to be the most preferred and widely accepted housing option. There are many advantages to choosing apartments for living. People prefer apartments for rent to stay and the pros of rental apartments are as follows.

  • The apartments are available at strategic locations, close to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc. The apartments are easily accessible and easy to commute to as well.
  • As they are close to important places, it helps in saving time, energy, and money.
  • The cost of renting flats is relatively cheap rather than owning them.
  • The one BHK apartment appeals to low-income communities.
  • It is possible to vacate the apartment when there is a shift in the job and find a new one in the new location.

Finding apartments for rent in New Delhi:

There is a tremendous real estate demand in the capital of India. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure enhances its real estate demands. Delhi is also known for its educational and medical institutions; It offers diverse opportunities for the people who migrate from other parts to the capital. Apartments and houses here are very costly here, even to rent. 1 bhk flats on rent in New Delhi could be heavy on the pocket. It is thus beneficial to find a place that suits the budget. The top locations to find 1 bhk flats on rent in New Delhi are as follows.

  1. Hauz Khas:

Hauz Khas is a prominent place in Southern Delhi and refers to the royal tank. The NIFT and the IIT Delhi are in this area. It is a posh area and has the best restaurants, boutiques, galleries, etc. 

It is also a historical place. You can get 1 bhk flats on rent in New Delhi in this area between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month.

  1. Rajouri Garden:

This is in the western part of Delhi and is a paradise for food lovers. It is possible to enjoy cheap and tasty food at the food joints available here. You can enjoy street foods and a fine dining experience in this area. Rajouri Garden is a place for famous colleges, and it has good connectivity to many places in Delhi. You can get 1 bhk flats on rent in New Delhi at a cost between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month.

  1. Vasant Kunj:

Vasant Kunj is one of the best and most famous places to find shared accommodations in Delhi. It is also one of the best places to live in the city. It lies near the airport and is near major commercial hubs. It is also the home of major educational institutions. Vasant Kunj is the best place for working professionals and students to find 1 bhk flats for rent in New Delhi. 

The other best places to find 1 bhk flats for rent in New Delhi within your budget are Lajpat Nagar, Nehru Place, Mayur Vihar, Korol Bagh, Dwarka, and Greater Kailash, etc.

The Best Places to find 1 BHK apartments for rent in Noida:

The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is a well-planned city in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the prominent suburbs of the NCR region in Delhi. It offers the most affordable housing project by famous developers, making the city attractive for investors and home buyers. The city undergoes tremendous development, attracting a lot of families and residents. The best places to find 1 bhk flats for rent in Noida are as follows.

  1. Central Noida:

Central Noida or Sector 7x is a prime location in Noida. It is one of the affordable destinations to find 1 bhk flats for rent in Noida.  Gated societies and communities in this location offer the residents the best amenities. It has the best connectivity to New Delhi and other cities through the Greater Noida Expressway. You can enjoy the best amenities such as schools, shopping areas, hospitals, eateries, etc.

  1. Sector 50:

This region lies only 2 km away from the Wave City Metro station. It is one of the safest locations for families and offers connectivity through Vishwakarma road. The housing options are through its high, low, and medium-rise buildings. It is also one of the best locations to find 1 bhk flats for rent in Noida.

  1. Noida Sector 55 and 56:

This sector is near the Cricket Stadium and is one of the best places to find 1 bhk flats for rent in Noida for families. It is a safe locality and offers many amenities such as ATMs, markets, hospitals, etc. This region in Noida has a vast green patch with lush greenery and natural surroundings.

Apart from these sectors, the other best places to find 1 bhk flats for rent in Noida are Noida Sector 47, Noida Extension, Sector 15, 39, 44, etc. Though we have given the best areas to find 1 bhk flats for rent in Noida and Delhi, you can get these apartments’ exact addresses and the location at The website offers a comprehensive list of 1 BHK apartments with addresses, contact details, and monthly rent on It lists thousands of properties in all major Indian cities. It is thus one of the best places to get houses on rent without the involvement of brokers and brokerage.

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