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Why‌ ‌is‌ ‌there‌ ‌a‌ ‌need‌ ‌to‌ ‌get‌ ‌youtube‌ ‌views‌ ‌and‌ ‌likes?‌

Are you someone who wants to have more views on YouTube videos? Of course, you must be! Because at the end of the day, you are human with a pulse along with videos to share on the most popular channel. It’s only natural.

Do you know that YouTube is the globe’s most-watched video-streaming site and second-most visited site in the world? More than two billion people globally use this platform every month – which is ultimately one-third of the complete internet users and around 74% of adults in the United States who watch videos over there.

Therefore, we have compiled this article as a helping guide in order to point out throughout the easy wins that will specifically amplify your business’ message on YouTube; however, we will look into the detail of some more advanced technical methodologies that will highlight the pros of having more and more YouTube views. Let’s have a look into detail:

What particular counts as a view on YouTube?

The algorithm of YouTube is specially designed to disregard all the plays and views that might look like they are auto-generated. However, this is a platform that only counts the number of times any person watches videos for a purpose.

Therefore, when a bot or someone in real refreshes the video over and over again, or even when the website auto-plays the videos, then these particular views do not get counted towards you into the total number of your video views.

Some exciting ways to get more and more views on YouTube!

People around the globe watch more than one billion hours of YouTube streams every day. However, if you are someone who wants to make the videos stand out from the rest of the crowd and the competitors, follow the following steps and strategies in your content development:

Make sure that the YouTube basic requirements are up to snuff

While making and uploading your videos on the official YouTube channel, make sure to be responsible and see at all the basic and essential fundamentals that you have thoroughly ticked all the boxes and good to go with it.

Let’s have a look at some of the very basic tips for YouTube, and then we will move ahead with the advanced tactics to get likes and more views on your uploaded videos.

Some of the basic housekeeping for YouTube features the following:

  • A complete informative About section on your channel
  • A well-consistent visual identity through your engaging videos
  • Latest contact information with the channel so that your potential viewers may reach out to you

Be in your specific niche & grow

If you are someone who really wants to optimize the YouTube channel with an effective marketing strategy, then be ruthlessly selective and precise about the videos you make and the goals you are willing to achieve in your life.

Moreover, remember every other YouTube user watches the fact that you do not make videos to get; instead, you are here on the platform for your special potential targeted audiences!

Do thorough research and improve the search ranking of your videos

You might know YouTube as a social live streaming platform, but it is also a complete search engine itself. And one of the best ways to get more and more engagements and views on your videos is – to optimize the videos you tend to publish for search results.

If we explain it in easier words, whenever someone searches relevant keywords on the search engine, it shows the results according to the search engine optimization of the videos. Therefore, when someone searches your particular keyword and if your videos rank in the search results – you will probably have more views and likes on them.

Uses of the metadata

If you are the one with the goal to have more YouTube views and engagements on your videos and overall channel, then you need to take a cut from the top trending videos from your specific domain. However, always start by taking a look at one of your top competitors’ most famous videos. For this reason, you may go to their libraries and perfect sort by the ‘most popular.

The main goal of YouTube is to keep their audiences keep using the platform and keep hooked to it for as long as possible. However, its algorithm is responsible for feeding the viewers from one video to another in the loop. It actually recommends the related videos to be displayed next.

Here, the one question that arises is, how will YouTube itself know about people’s choices and what they like the most to be viewed.

However, the algorithm takes these few things into consideration while suggesting and ranking the videos:

  • Most topically related videos
  • The videos that users have already watched in the past
  • Videos that are most often watched together

Therefore, while choosing the keywords to target in your videos, always think deeply like a librarian. Briefly describe the topic of your videos and the description of the overall category, as well as think beyond and target the words that other people may think about searching to watch videos like yours.

Custom thumbnails

When you see that potential customers are in the discovery mode – then skimming through the search results and the recommendations – undoubtedly thumbnails are a primary part of what they will decide to watch next.

Let’s have a look at some of the effective thumbnails and what their properties should feature:

  • Your thumbnail should be accurate and clear and should describe what your videos say
  • Thumbnail works in tandem along with the video title
  • The thumbnail should stand out


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