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Kundli Milan: Why is There a Need for Kundli Milan?

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Indians have always been very passionate about certain subjects, and cricket and astrology top that list. Our country practices Vedic astrology, the Indian counterpart of the Western discipline. And, one of the key aspects of our astrology is Kundli Milan. Our elderly swear by this as the surest way to the perfect marriage. But, what about its other aspects? Allow us to cover all the plus points of Kundli Milan in today’s blog.

The what’s and How’s:

To define briefly, Kundli Milan is the process of matching the Natal or birth chart of two probable partners before they are married off. This is particularly a key step in Indian arranged marriages and is believed that the suitors with the best match will live a healthy and happy long life together. 

Now coming onto the “how” portion, things get a bit complicated for the process of Kundli Milan is critical and multi-stepped and best left to the astrology expert. Yet, if we were to convey it simply, the Kundlis consist of thirty six Gunas total, out of which no less than eighteen are to match for the wedding to happen. Most astrologers will advise couples with matches of twenty three and above only to tie the knot. 

Why is there a need for this practice

To the plebeian, Kundli Milan might sound as elaborate, complicated and out-dated. But, it is far from the truth as we are about to understand through the following points

  1. Your Kundli is your astrological identity card in a way, for it bears an essence of how you are as a person. The experienced astrologer can read your kundli and draw the sketch of your likes, dislikes, habits etc. Hence, what Kundli Milan does is it checks the mental and emotional compatibility of two people. Smooth emotional synergy between spouses is absolutely necessary for the marriage to stay afloat and Kundli Milan ascertains that. 
  2. Not only mental matching, Kundli Milan is important to ensure the physical compatibility of the partners as well. Physical compatibility not only means sexual life, but also the overall health and well being of the partners too. Compatible partners fit together and keep each other happy and healthy. 
  3. Kundli Milan can also ensure both the people in the marriage can flourish together. By matching charts it is always ascertained that the planetary position of one person isn’t harming that position of their spouse, especially job and finances. So yes, well matched Kundlis will also ensure a bountiful life. 
  4. Kundli Milan is essential to find and weed out any “dosha” and “dasha” . If one of the partners has something of that sort, the astrologer will dispatch remedies like a puja or a ritual to ensure the marriage is safe. People with severe or deadly dasha like the Mangal dasha are advised not to marry non-mangliks. 
  5. The topic of child-bearing and rearing is crucial for Indian families and Kundli Milan comes to aid in this case as well. Matching of horoscopes can tell if the offspring from the marriage will be healthy or not. Sometimes defects in the parents’ Kundli can affect the child and cause dosha, so no wonder this step is very crucial. Additionally, it can at times even spill a few traits of the child beforehand, such is the power of this step. 
  6. There arises some conflicting views regarding the accountability and match of Kundalini when it comes to love marriages for it is argued that these couples already know each other inside out. But, experts say that Kundli Milan is necessary even in this case as well for not only it will help check all the previous points, but also ensure that astrologically, their love is strong enough to bear the trials of marriage. Astrology even offers certain rituals for the lovebirds to make their relationship even stronger before their big day. 
  7. Kundli Milan can also help hasten the entire process of marriage. If the natal charts show a strong match for the couple, their families usually deem that to be the seal for proceeding with the marriage. As a result, once the Kundli is matched, the other process of the marriage also flows quite smoothly. 


Hence, it becomes really easy to understand the upsides of this ancient Hindu practice. Even our otherwise sceptical new generation often agrees to go through this process without any issues. Our astrology deems our birth chart to be a blueprint of ourselves and thus believes in this matching. Hopefully, through our short article you too, were convinced of the usages of Kundli Milan. 

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