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Why is Sunless Tanning so Much in Vogue? Boca Tanning

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Many of us are of the impression that we look better with a gorgeous tan and quite rightly so! Tanning salons are available in plenty for assisting you in working up the desired shade of tan. Why sunless tanning, however? As most of us are aware, over-exposing our skin to the harmful ultra violet radiation of the sun is harmful. It can lead to permanent pigmentation changes and even cause skin cancers in some cases. 

A tan that can be worked up without sun exposure is, therefore, a healthier and safer option. There are many ways to do this including airbrush tanning, using tanning beds for controlled UV exposure, and even spray tanning with the help of sprays and lotions. One has to choose a preferred method before heading to a salon for “sunless tanning near me!” Here are some advantages of sunless tanning that might help in making the right decisions. 

The Many Advantages of Sunless Tanning 

Skin Protection: As is obvious, the most prominent advantage of sunless tanning is controlled sun exposure and protection from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Controlled sun exposure enhances the concentration of Vitamin D in the body. However, over-exposure causes sunburns and permanent skin changes resulting in blemishes and even cancers in some cases! When you have methods for tanning that do not involve the sun, over-exposure is no more warranted. 

Sunless Methods are Ideal for Covering Skin Imperfections: Methods like spray tanning for instance cover imperfections of the skin, acting as a sort of makeup coverage for the entire body. All those hyper pigmentation marks, acne scars, stretch marks, uneven skin coloration, blemishes, and so on are covered completely. What you have after a spray tanning session at a Boca Raton tanning salon is spotless, flawless skin. It is something like applying a superior quality BB cream. It makes you appear flawless without using any makeup products. 

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You End up Getting Ready Faster: Once a tan has been worked up to perfection, your blemishes are shrouded completely. Therefore, there is no need of wasting time on useless makeup. You can simply change and leave, wherever you go! This indeed saves a good amount of time, especially if you are a busy professional. All you need to do is plan a tanning session well in time. 

Spray Tanning Products are Good for your Skin: When you choose a Coral Springs tanning salon of repute, the tanning products they use are mostly organic! They are good for your skin. You should look for ingredients like walnut extract, tea leaf extract, green algae, ginger root extract, grape seed extract, and aloe Vera gel. All of these work towards nourishing the skin as they tan.


Although sunless tanning provides many advantages over natural tanning, there are some aspects to take note of. For instance, make sure you perform allergy tests for every product that is being used on your skin. Also, be extremely careful while using tanning beds. Make sure you are comfortable during the process and the skin is not being made to put through unwanted stress!


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