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Why Is It Better to Use Credit Card for Online Shopping & Payments?

Why Is It Better to Use Credit Card for Online Shopping & Payments?

Credit cards have changed the way people buy day-to-day essentials and other stuff online. People can get effortless credit that can be used for a variety of purposes. Buying things online is one of them. people don’t need to visit a bank or a financial institute for getting a loan or explaining the reason for borrowing money. They can just use credit cards to pay for anything they need and pay an agreed interest rate on revolving credit if any.

With 800 million users who prefer using debit cards, credit cards are also gaining the attention of consumers as they offer enticing benefits and purchase protection features. Both credit cards and debit cards have their own benefits & drawbacks.

Below we will explain why is it better to use a credit card for online shopping and payments instead of debit cards.

Buy Everything on Easy Credit

Credit limit allows to customers is the main thing that attracts more people to use credit cards for online purchases and payments. With help of a credit card, you can buy anything and use the available credit limit and pay the balance later at the end of the month. This helps you buy necessities without having an impact on your monthly budget. Some cards also come with EMIs to help customers pay the balance easily.

Universal Method of Payment

The best thing about credit cards is that you can use them anywhere you want. Whether it is a matter of buying stuff online from an overseas retailer or you are visiting abroad and want to pay for taxi rent, a credit card comes in handy in all situations. This is the reason, credit cards can be used to pay for anything, anywhere, anytime to enjoy an excellent shopping experience.

Enticing Perks and Benefits

Credit cards are usually presented with many enticing benefits and perks that help customers save bucks while buying things of need. You can avail the best credit card deals, offers, and benefits when making payments for ordered goods using your credit card. This is because credit card providers partner with retailers to provide customers discount offers, cashback and other financial benefits that are alluring.

Big Purchases with Easy EMIs

In this modern business landscape, it is a lot easier to buy anything you want even without having cash. From luxury furniture items and home appliances to gadgets and accessories, you can buy anything using a credit card and pay for the products in easy monthly installments. This feature comes in handy when you want to make a big purchase without affecting your monthly budget plan. Credit cards play a vital role in making your huge bills in smaller and easily manageable chunks of payments.

Protection from Fraudulent Transactions and Defective Products

When you use a digital wallet or debit card to pay for purchases, the money is instantly debited from your account. And this leaves the decision to replace or refund on the retailer if goods are found damaged or broken. But credit cards come with a purchase protection feature to help customers get a replacement or refund in case of a fraudulent or damaged product delivered.

Improve Credit Scores

Credit score improvement is another benefit of using a credit card for everyday purchases and payments. When you use 30% of the available credit limit and pay your monthly balance in full, it improves your credit scores to help you get loan or business credit on easier terms. Better credit scores also help you get loans at lower interest rates to save money in the long run.

Automatic Expense Tracking

Whenever you use your card for online shopping or other personal payments, all the transactions are recorded automatically with the necessary details. This makes expense tracking easier for you. You can ask the card provider for a monthly statement or use a mobile app to check the payment history whenever you want.


Both types of cards have their own benefits and drawbacks. But when you need to pay for online purchases or to make other monthly payments, it is always recommended to use a credit card. Because credit cards are not directly linked to your bank account. However, you should use a credit card wisely to reap the advantages it offers instead of building credit card debt.


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