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Why Is Domestic Help Important To Build Independence?

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Domestic help is one of the support services funded under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It is a disability support program designed to help people with any impairment lead independent lives.


NDIS provides a wide range of support to its participants and aims to help them reach their goals. Participants can access this support by using the funds under different budget categories in NDIS.


Service providers are responsible for connecting the participants with the necessary support so they can get started with their NDIS plan. Domestic help is funded under the Core Support budget category in NDIS. It allows the participants to have a support worker assist them in their routine household tasks like cleaning, cooking, house maintenance, etc. Participants can choose to have the support worker complete these tasks by themselves, or they can ask for their supervision while the participant performs these activities.


NDIS domestic assistance is an excellent help in making participants independent, and here are some reasons why:

It Develops Skills

Developing one’s skill set is one of the primary goals of NDIS. Independence cannot be achieved if the participant doesn’t have enough skills to manage their routine themselves.


Having a support worker to help with household tasks allows the participants to learn new things. They can ask for help and learn how to cook, clean, and perform menial tasks in their homes. This support can be delivered until the participants get the confidence and skills to perform all these tasks themselves.

It Builds Confidence

NDIS participants often have a tough time adjusting to their routines. They cannot perform their routine tasks themselves, which lowers their self-esteem and makes them even more dependent on the people around them. Doing household tasks can be as rewarding as anything for them, and NDIS provides them the support for it.

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Once they start doing little things without any support, they boost their confidence and start believing in themselves. It helps motivate them to try harder for their next activity.

It Provides Company

Being confined in the home all day can be tedious and depressing for anyone. NDIS participants have to go through this loneliness every day, and it makes them exhausted. Support workers are trained to provide valuable company to the participants so they can feel comfortable and trusted.


Participants can build companionship with their support workers and talk about the things they like. Support workers for domestic help are not only there to help them do their routine activities, but they also build a good and trustable relationship with the participants, so they don’t feel dependent on anyone.

How Is NDIS Domestic Assistance Funded?

NDIS funds the support in three different budget categories. Each category is designed for different support, and the funds are supposed to be used for their respective services. Domestic help in NDIS is funded under the Core Support budget category.


This budget aims to make daily living easier for the participants and includes all the services related to their daily lives, like assistance with daily living, transport, consumables, etc. Participants can access this fund after NDIS approves their plan.


Domestic help comes under the category of assistance with daily living. In this service, a support worker assists the participants in everything related to their daily lives, including household chores and personal care. Participants can choose a service provider to help them understand their NDIS plan and select the right support worker for them. Once a support worker is selected for the job, participants can access the services.

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If you are looking for trustable support workers to get NDIS domestic assistance, reach out to Enable U. They are registered service providers who provide their participants with compassionate care.


Contact their team now and get the best services for you or your loved ones.


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