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Why doctorate degree is getting tough for US students? Asma Rafat

Why doctorate degree is getting tough for US students? Asma Rafat


        The United States is a dreamland where people believe that their dreams can come true because it’s a huge country that welcomes international students for studying and practicing their degrees.

International students from all over the world want to study in the United States. As a student, every year they come into contact with the best and largest universities in the US like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, etc. These universities offer them a variety of courses and program with some extra benefits, that’s why students went to US universities in order to achieve their dreams.

Earning a doctorate degree in the US is not a piece of cake. According to a 2008 study, only 57% of Ph.D. students completed their degree program within 10 years (Byers, et al., 2014, pp. 109-136). It is because they have been facing different hardships and challenges while doing their Ph. D.

Doctorate students usually face difficulties in writing their dissertations. How to write a dissertation that guarantees you success is available in digital resources that can help in writing their dissertations properly (BAW, 2022). Students also avail of services like Cheap Essay Writing Service UK that help them in completing their essays on time with no hassle.

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This paper discusses some hardships and challenges students faced while completing their doctorate degrees. Some of them are as follows:

Reasons for the toughness of a doctorate degree in the US

  • Fear of isolation: Too often, Ph.D. students feel isolated from the world and their peers. The fear of isolation stems from the fact that they work almost independently. When they have a team, it’s usually just a few people helping the project. Candidates feel lonely and therefore unmotivated (Byers, et al., 2014, pp. 109-136). The obvious sign that this horror is creeping on you is the constant idea that you are completely alone and no one understands you. This usually happens when your research becomes so complex that no one can understand it, even you also!

Working alone is intentional. But of course, you knew it the moment you entered the graduate program. Therefore, building a network is necessary. According to you, socialization can be a waste of your precious writing time, but you must need it for your sanity. Have a drink or coffee with your school friends at the bar across the street. Talk about the weather and the state of US politics, whatever comes to mind on your boat. Work with your colleagues to shake off the fear of isolation.

  • Feeling stressed out: People often feel stressed out. With deadlines approaching, like bullets, piles of paperwork for reviews and submissions, and college scholarships in hot water, it’s a conservative statement that you’re under a lot of stress (Byers, et al., 2014, pp. 109-136). Extreme stress is unhealthy, but you already know it!

Unfortunately, graduate school has become a breeding ground for highly stressed, anxious, and depressed students. Everything is not lost yet. The degree is difficult though. It is hard! But do not paralyze with stress.

  • Work day and night: Caffeine is a close friend of all graduate students. After all, it is the most popular psychotropic drug in the world. You can’t do it without caffeine. It will be impossible to spend the day. If you want to drink dessert, coffee, tea, or mixed coffee drink. Whatever you want to fix caffeine.

You not only consume caffeine to stay awake but also for the benefit of your mental health. Of course, drinking too much caffeine has its disadvantages, but leave it alone. You must need it to complete your work on time and to survive in graduate school.

  • Research is your new way of living: Learning is your new motto in life. You can’t object because you chose to spend your twenties at school! Everything will be fine, don’t worry. Going to graduate school is your ultimate academic goal.

As a side effect, learning cannot be stopped. If you have your own space, you can live in a small one-bedroom apartment (Byers, et al., 2014, pp. 109-136). After all, you are expected to concentrate on your research. They even bring documents to read in bed.

After thinking about your research all day and all night, you finally dream about it. If you’re lucky, you’ll make amazing discoveries while you sleep. You should take advantage of the uncontrollable urge to learn. But don’t forget to give yourself a break for your personal life and your health.

  • Hard to get advice from good supervisors: Students in the Ph.D. struggles to find good supervisors. Ph.D. advisors and supervisors are supposed to guide you, but in most cases, they bring them additional stress. They yell at you for the slightest mistake. The mission of their life is to make you feel incompetent. They are always lacking in action, except that it is difficult to please!

Fortunately, some students have counselors who really care about them. Advisors who maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with graduate students-Bless their souls!  Based on the relationship between a Ph.D. counselor and a counselor (Byers, et al., 2014, pp. 109-136). It affects the flow of knowledge production. In any case, you have no choice but to deal with your adviser. There is nothing you can do about it.


No matter how difficult it is to get a Ph.D. But it opens up a world of career opportunities for you in the real world. Graduates can be confident that they have learned a lot about their field of study. It is an achievement comparable to a few people. You are now an expert. Accept it.

But it’s not shameful to quit. If you feel these struggles are something you aren’t equipped with or aren’t ready to deal with, your choice is just to pack your bag. Put yourself first. If the urge to return to school is chasing you, carefully consider your options before deciding to move on.


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