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Why do we need high-speed internet in India?

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The Internet is a necessity in this era when everything revolves around smartphones and computers. From entertainment to education and business to buying, everything needs a smartphone or a computer. At this point, access to high internet speed is imperative for its optimum use. The foremost advantage of using the internet with high speed is that the web pages take lesser time to load and you don’t have to waste time waiting for them to load/reload. In addition to this, there are many other benefits that high-speed internet offers. Below are a few advantages of high-speed internet:

  1. Faster page loading: Faster internet ensures quicker page loading. It also makes easier for people to browse the internet with faster speed and lesser reloading. An additional benefit is that the user can have access to multiple pages at one point and can browse the internet with many tabs open. This feature is useful, especially for students and working professionals.
  2. The quicker download of videos: One can enjoy Youtube videos or videos on other social media platforms seamlessly, making high-speed internet a must-have for entertainment seekers. You can also download youtube videos in mobile gallery and save them for future viewing. You can also share these videos with family and friends on social media platforms without any hassle, as the uploading will just take a few minutes. One can also enjoy uninterrupted live video streaming on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media with high internet speed availability.
  3. Gaming uninterrupted: Online gaming can be enjoyed uninterrupted with high-speed internet, and therefore, this makes it important for all gaming enthusiasts. You can also download games of your choice from the play store app faster and also share them with friends, if you have an access to high internet speed.
  4. Online shopping: Online shopping is catching the trend and big brands like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart and others are making their online presence even stronger day by day. More and more people are resorting to online shopping owing to its convenience of ordering and payment. Browsing through the products and ordering products requires faster internet. Also, you need to have good internet connectivity during the checkout, so that the entire process is conducted hassle-free. When shopping for your favourite products, all you need to have is high-speed internet and a myntra discount coupon that could fetch you benefits beyond expectancy.
  5. Multiple user internet support: With high-speed internet, many users can concurrently utilize the internet while enjoying the equally good speed. Wifi usage is a good example here. If one member in the family is using the internet for online gaming, another one can easily watch a movie or Youtube video. Simultaneously, another member may download a new app as some other member can attend a zoom meeting. This is how high-speed internet can benefit all users at one point.
  6. Virtual meetings/ Webinars: The Internet is a great way to connect with people sitting at different locations around the world. Businesses prefer holding virtual meetings, webinars, and conferences, and as such, high-speed internet is crucial for attending them uninterrupted. Only with strong connectivity, the virtual meetings can be successfully conducted, without any buffering or other hindrance. Schools have been conducting online classes for children during the pandemic outbreak and this could be possible only due to high-speed internet.
  7. Online payments and billings: Paying your bills is very convenient nowadays with online financial services companies like Paytm, Gpay and others helping you to pay online. During the payment, however, it is essential to have an access to high-speed internet for the uninterrupted and easy payment of bills. High-speed internet also ensures that the entire process of online payment is carried out smoothly, without any discontinuity.


High internet speed is a must-have for every person as today’s lifestyle particularly demands so. You can’t think about a life without the internet as it plays a major role in everyone’s life today. From watching movies or videos on various social media platforms to taking part in virtual meetings and webinars, high-speed internet has been of utmost importance. From being an easy and genuine medium to purchase online products, tickets or even grocery and ordering food from nearby restaurants, everything is possible with just a smartphone in hand and a high-speed internet to support.

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