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Why are data science institutes gaining popularity in India?

Data science has become an irreplaceable part of modern economics. Businesses are using various data science methods to advance their company forward. This has led to the growth in demand for people specializing in different data science techniques. Data science institutes offer a wide range of courses that serve as a foundation for someone looking to pursue a career in data science. Not just that but a data science course will also help someone in safeguarding their prospects in a volatile and rapidly changing environment. 

What is data science?

Data science is the study of data. It aims to find correlations between data sets and try to answer valuable questions for a company. Data scientists will use various techniques and technologies to achieve this goal. It could mean using excel for creating dashboards to using machine learning for predictive analysis. 

Types of data science courses 

There is a wide variety of data science courses that cater to the specific needs of the company. Some of the more common and valuable data science courses are, 

  • Complete Data Science course

This course will cover the field of data science extensively. It will teach the basics of data science, how to use various data maintenance tools, programming languages, machine learning algorithms, cloud computation, and computer engineering. 

The data science course will offer either python or R as the medium for data analysis. 

  • Data Analytics course 

The data analytics course will focus more on the analytics aspects of data science. It will teach the process of creating compelling visual dashboards using software like excel and tableau. Using SQL for organizing and maintaining massive datasets. 

Data analytics courses aim to teach the practical implementation of data science. This short yet effective course can make the aspirant employable from day one. 

  • Business analytics course 

Business analytics courses are primarily aimed at mid-career managers. This course will detail the applications of data science in a business setting. Managers are already equipped with experience, and they just need to learn data science techniques. The business analytics course will have classes on dashboard creation through excel and python. Data maintenance classes through software like SQL. It will also include lessons on programming languages like python and R.  

At first glance, a business analytics coursebusiness analytics course might seem like a regular data science course, but there is a difference. It will be more industry-aligned and explicitly structured for a manager. Business analytics courses will focus more on the implementation process of data so the manager can use the gathered knowledge from day one.

  • Machine learning course 

Machine learning is used extensively for predictive and prescriptive analysis. Other data science courses will also include some classes on machine learning, but a machine learning course will go much deeper in the process. A machine learning course will have classes on machine learning through a programming language, preferably python. Text mining and computational cloud classes. And most importantly, lessons on the implementation process according to industry needs. 

Why are Indian data science institutes gaining popularity?

The Indian economy has grown significantly since the 2000s. Not just that, every year, Indian exports are increasing rapidly. To stay competitive on an international stage, a company must use modern technologies that will give them an edge over its competitors. Data science helps a company in almost every aspect of its operations. The possibilities are limitless, from increasing the efficiency of day-to-day operations to maintaining and improving supply chain management. 

For an individual, a data science course will open up vast opportunities. Most companies are eager to have a skilled data science team. Yet, the shortage of data scientists has led to vacancies in almost every sector. Even small and medium-scale businesses are willing to spend money on a data science team. After completing a data science course, an individual can easily find a better-paying job. 

Online courses have enabled employed personnel to complete the course while keeping their current job. 

In India, data science courses are significantly cheaper than in other countries. It will cost anywhere between 30000 to 60000 rs depending on the type of course and the geographical location. Also, living costs are cheaper in India, and it has compelled foreigners to take up data science courses in India.

As automation picks up, the first priority of anyone is to keep themselves relevant. The only way one can achieve this is by constantly acquiring new skills. Becoming skilled in data science will safeguard their future and make them valuable assets for the company they are working with.

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