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Why are AA Meetings So Successful Even Today? AA Meeting

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been around for decades. It has helped millions of alcoholic men and women become sober for a lifetime. This isn’t some “magic place” where alcoholics come and turn into sober. In fact, this is only a platform where alcoholics meet. Yet, the energies of the meetings are so powerful they create wondrous results. 


The power lies within you

As mentioned earlier, AA meetings aren’t something magical. Yet, they have something that motivates people to take a hard look at their alcoholic habits. There is something in the meetings that have made them thrive for decades. 

The interesting thing is the meetings are not conducted for a fee. They are absolutely free. There isn’t an “owner” here. Of course, the meetings are chaired by people, yet you would find no hierarchy here. 


People come, meet, help each other de-addict, and go. Many continue to attend meetings after achieving complete sobriety. They then help others to achieve their sobriety goals. These are the people who keep the 12 traditions of AA alive.


The secret to the success of AA meetings 

The meetings give people an opportunity to introspect their alcoholic habits so that they can deal with them effectively. With the 12 steps in place, the meeting lets an individual dwell deeper into their emotional side and express themselves better. 


As each member tells their story (it is not mandatory), an air of empathy engulfs the meeting. Members realize their mistakes, and the wrongs they have done under the influence of alcohol, and together get the power to make amends in their life. 

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Patience pays

It’s a slow process and requires patience. At times, you may feel as if nothing is happening. You must continue to participate in the meetings. If you leave midway, you might never reach your sobriety destination. 


Meeting near you

If you are looking for a meeting, search for “meetings near me” to find a local meeting near your place. Most meetings are conducted at a place that is conducive for everybody to reach. It could be the church, a known park in the city, or a spacious place that is clean and has good energy. 


Getting comfortable 

It is not mandatory that you start speaking on the first day of your meeting. Take your time. Everybody is different. Some are extroverts and can mingle faster with people. Some are introverts and would rather sit silently and listen to others. Do what suits you. Be comfortable. You are here for a life-changing experience. 


If you attend an open AA meeting in Minnesota, you can bring a friend or family member along. In case you are under a recovery program, you can bring your therapist with you. 


Closed meetings are only for alcoholics. 


Your life, your choices

Sometimes we make bad choices in life, sometimes good. Your choice is good or bad comes to light when you can see the results after some time. Daily drinking is never a good choice. You wish to attend one of the local AA meetings to show you have realized the truth about your choice. 


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Now, again it’s your choice. To continue being an alcoholic or turn sober.


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