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Which Social Media Platforms are the Best for Marketing?

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The social media landscape is extremely huge and as a business owner, you cannot afford to fail to market your business through these channels. Just be sure to use the ones that support the marketing function. Social media platform enables businesses to engage their customers, something that additionally enables enterprises to better understand both their consumers and competitors. Companies are also able to monitor the changing needs of their active and potential clients.

Marketing via social media platforms has proved to be a much cheaper option, and the sites make businesses visible to a wider market base. The marketing platforms enable potential customers to build loyalty and trust with their clients while also offering the best customer service.  In light of the above, we sought to find out the best social media platforms that are best for marketing.

Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing


While Instagram is currently the most popular social media marketing platform, there is one important fact that you must keep in mind if you choose to settle with this platform. That is, not being able to put links within posts. But that should not put a damper on your ambitions because you still have so many tools at your disposal that you can use to enhance your customer experience.

For example, you could buy real Instagram likes and get real likes that will likely convert into potential customers. Also, if you plan on marketing the services and products of your company using photos and videos then Instagram will suffice. So, once you upload photos of your products and services, you can ask your followers to share them on their platforms and they can also like the posts.


According to statistics Facebook has for a long time remained the most used platform among millennials with up to 83 percent of this demography reported to be having a Facebook account.  What’s more, almost all college students are believed to be on Facebook. The platform has provided its users with the Facebook Ads manager that they can use to create ads; tailor-made to target users based on their relationship status, age, location, purchase behavior, and level of education among others.

Companies also have the option of creating custom audiences from the list of phone numbers or email addresses that they have collected to reach their current customers. What’s more, is that Facebook pixel allows marketers to target clients that have visited their pages.


YouTube provides companies and marketers with a platform that they can use to create demonstrations and tutorials. Companies can also use the platform to highlight theirculture. Also, businesses that are into creating content can use YouTube to connect with the users of their products. Businesses, therefore, gain more exposure through video marketing and through video comments.

The social media platform allows marketers to target ads on specific channels and videos. Companies can also place ads on trending videos to be seen by the relevant audience. A function that greatly extends the brand’s reaches.

Individuals who, therefore, want to boost traffic to their products and services, increase their customer base or reach new audiences should adopt a YouTube marketing strategy.


LinkedIn has a very small percentage of young users, and a bigger percentage of individuals aged between 25 and 34 years old. While 30 percent is believed to account for users of 54 years of age. In essence, is that LinkedIn has been established to be popular with older users. And with that in mind, it is quite obvious that LinkedIn is not the platform for aggressive advertising or sales pitches.

B2B markets, therefore, profess the benefits of advertising on LinkedIn and even claim that the platform is responsible for 80% of their social media leads. So, how does one use LinkedIn to take their businesses to the next level? For starters, companies can use the platform to update their customers of the new products and services. They can also use the social media platform to connect with industry partners and even recruit new team members.

Given the demography of users, you can tell that LinkedIn is a professional network, and that isthe reason why it is a good platform for B2B social media marketing.


The advantage of using Snapchat as a social media marketing tool is that marketers and companies can upload videos and photos which will remain active on the platform for 24 hours. It is, therefore, the best platform for businesses that do product launches or conferences; as all, they have to do is create branded geotags to promote events in select locations.

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