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penis enlargement surgery cost in india

Which Penis Enlargement Methods are Safe and add Inches Permanently

Let’s face it, for many men, the size of their penis can be a sensitive topic. Although injections, pills, surgery, and traction devices are the most common ways for penis enlargement, men still have a lot of dilemmas regarding the risks related to different procedures. A penis enlargement procedure can be ideal for those with a medical disorder to penile trauma that affects the penis functionality. When its size affects the quality of life or fertility, a urologist suggests penis enlargement. If you are looking for this treatment and seeking which penis enlargement methods are safe and can add inches permanently, this article is for you.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement is a surgery that involves methods, all of which aim to increase penis girth and length. In a few cases, men go for this surgery due to cosmetic reasons as well. The surgery involves silicone implants that may either skin grafts or transfer the fat cells to increase the penis size. However, this surgery is also needed if a person has a micropenis, a condition where the penis is 7.5 cms or shorter. A functional penis adequate for urination and sexual intercourse does not require surgery. 

Ideal Candidate for Penis Enlargement Surgery

  • Men who want a long penis to boost their self-esteem or impress their partner
  • Men with malformation, congenital absence, or hypoplasia
  • Traumatic injury
  • Infection like necrotizing fasciitis
  • Women who want to change their gender and want to transit into men
  • Abnormal growth of tissues (Malignant neo-formations)

Different Types of Penis Enlargement Procedures

There are different types of penis enlargement procedures available. These are:

Penis Girth Surgery– In this procedure, penis thickness increases when in the erect and flaccid state. The surgery involves a small liposuction procedure to drive out fat from other parts of the body. These parts are the buttock, abdomen, and thigh. Before injecting the fat, it is properly purified through the system to improve fat quality. Then, the fat is distributed with the penis shaft to increase its thickness. The girth increases from around 1.4 cm to 4 cm with this procedure. The safest method to increase girth is Dermal Substitute Material. It uses a permanent material for girth enlargement.

Penis Length Surgery– This procedure aims to increase the flaccid penis length up to 2 cm. However, changing the erect penis size. In this procedure, the ligament by which the penis is attached to the pubic bone is ducked. The surgeon then performs a skin graft at the penis base that enables extra length. The procedure called ‘cutting the ligament’ is the safest method of lengthening the penis. 

Liposuction– In this process, fat below the abdomen is removed. This is more beneficial to obese people who have excess abdominal fat that buries the penis. Removing extra fat from around the pubic area makes a partly buried penis appear more prominent. But if a man puts on weight again, the fat will come back again to the pubic area. 

Penuma Implant– In this implant, an FDA-approved device is inserted under the skin of the penis to make it wider and longer. The crescent-shaped device made of medical-grade silicone is used in this procedure. A surgeon makes an incision in the groin area above the penis during this implant, and then inserts the Penuma. Then the device stretches the skin and penis tissue to appear and feel wider. 

Non-surgical Procedures for Penis Enlargement

Besides the surgical procedures, there are specific non-surgical procedures as well that help in penis enlargement. These treatments are ideal for those who have an increased risk of post-surgery complications. 

Dermal Filler is a process that includes permanent microspheres, and the fillers are made of collagen inserted using a needless procedure. It beefs up the area under the skin of the penis and on the top of the underlying fascia. It helps in increasing the girth and length of the penis. This is a painless and non-invasive procedure that induces collages around the microsphere. Products like lotions and pills are also effective for certain penile enhancements. Exercises and penile extenders are also useful for increasing penile size. The recovery length of penis enlargement depends on an individual and the type of treatment. It usually takes one to two weeks to recover from the surgical process.

If you decide to pursue penis enlargement, get in touch with the top urologists to discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure. At Lyfboat, we give you an overview of the top doctors and hospitals that offer penis enlargement procedures. Visit our website today and look for the best hospital and urologist near you and penis enlargement surgery cost in india for the safest process.

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