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Which is Best For Your Business? App Development or Website Development?

Which is Best For Your Business? App Development or Website Development?

If you are a startup or small business, chances are you are looking for budget-friendly alternatives to develop a website for your business. It means you either need to learn to code yourself (which is quite a complex and time-consuming task) or develop a professional website with a custom web development agency.

If you are someone who’s stuck between the dilemma of creating an app versus a custom website for your business, this blog is for you!

Here are a few reasons you should hire a custom web development agency if you have a limited budget.

1. App Development is Expensive

If you are perplexed between app development and website development, know that app development can be costly, whereas website development can fit within your limited budget any day.

According to the recent research by GoodFirms, the statistics clearly show that app development is something you can consider choosing if you have a good amount of funds without any budget limit. The GoodFirms data show that a basic app typically costs between $38,000 and $91,000. The price of an app of medium complexity ranges from $55,550 to $130,000. In contrast, complex software may cost between $91,550 and $210,000. So, because you have a limited budget, we hope you have your answer to why you should hire a custom web development agency.

2. Web Development Costs a Fraction of App Development

The expert developers say that the cost of web development depends on the complexity of the projects. But when we compare the cost of web development and app development, the developing community says that web development is always an affordable option. Most startup companies choose custom web development because it costs a fraction of app development which doesn’t throw a load of funds on them, making web development an affordable and better choice for your small business or startup too!

3. Apps are More Likely to be Deleted by Users than Used

A website never gives its visitors the access to delete them whereas, an app gives its users the option to uninstall them, increasing the chances of apps being easily forgettable by their users.

  • Most of the users delete apps due to technical issues
  • Outdated or poor UX design puts the users in a confusing stage
  • The app doesn’t stand to the user’s expectations
  • Stuffing too many features to make an app look good often backfires
  • Every app that asks too many questions initially frustrates the user and makes them leave in between
  • Lack of content fails to engage the users

4. The Web Addresses Everyone, Everywhere

A website can be accessible by anyone, anywhere. To access any website, a user needs to type the site name on any browser, and they’ll be good to go. In contrast, an app can’t be accessible every time and everywhere. Some applications work in specific locations adding to the disadvantages of app development, and people cannot use apps unless they download, install, and sign up for them. It reflects that an application cannot address a user until it gets downloaded. In contrast, a website addresses every visitor without any installation or sign-in process.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

When you choose a custom web development agency, you get flexibility as a built-in feature. Your project will be flexible to update and add new capabilities because it gets built from scratch. Additionally, it will let you expand at your speed and add features only when necessary.

Your company must have a website that can expand and scale with the business’s growth. A flexibly designed website enables you to add new functionality, manage high-volume traffic, and increase the website size alongside the company. It is crucial, especially if your company wants to thrive on the digital platform.

6. Better Control with Custom Back-End

Any business website’s back end is sensitive and crucial. You must know what happens at the back end of your website. A tailor-made website will help you have clarity on how your website will function and what your users may expect when they visit. Ensure getting the back-end of your website developed by a professional. Therefore, hiring a web development company to handle your website designs is crucial.

7. Enhanced User Experience

Having the back of a custom web development agency will help you enhance your website’s user experience. Because you’ll have a website built with features, content, and visuals precisely to your business needs, your potential customers will stay longer on the website as they’ll see what you want them to seek. It will increase website traffic and help you have the advantage of higher conversion rates in a short period.

8. Maintenance and Cost Efficiency

Owning a website needs maintenance. Website maintenance is comparably lesser than maintenance of an app. The reason is that updating an app with new features requires time. But when we talk about website maintenance, a custom web development agency can upgrade a website by making a few changes. If you choose to build your website with the help of custom web development experts, get assured that it will get done hassle-free.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to develop an app and launch it before you realise that you have created a lot of technical debt, affecting future development. A custom website or web application development is the best way to ensure that you have the right product. The cost difference may be huge, but the ability to adapt to changes in the market and support for ongoing features would easily outweigh the cost. Both can launch if the budget is good enough, or custom development is the best option to grow your business. If you’re looking for website development in Newcastle or anywhere in Australia, consider hiring the Make My Website team and have your hands on the perfectly built websites.

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