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SEE Exam Result

Where To SEE Exam Result: Everything You Need To Know About SEE Exam Result?

SEE was previously known as SLC. There were many reforms in the SLC examination, and it is now known as the SEE examination. The SEE examination is an annual examination that generally takes place in April and Baisakh according to the Nepali Calendar. The SEE board takes around three months to prepare the result. SEE board verifies and publishes the result generally on the month of Ashar & Shrawan.

Why is SEE Examination Important?

SEE examination is the only gateway for further studies in Nepal. Students can join the the secondary level of education known as NEB class 11 after completing their grade 10 course. SEE examination takes place for all public and private schools, and the exam centre specifically becomes public schools.

SEE examination comes on grading instead of percentage and score. There are grades from A to E that determines the SEE score.

What is a good SEE score?

As per the grading system of Nepal, a good score in the SEE examination is A+ which is equivalent to more than 90%. Furthermore, the result is categorised as A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D and E. E being the lowest grade, it is equivalent to 0 to 20%.

Hence, the score in SEE result is represented in grading system.

How to check SEE result?

The examination board has provided numerous ways to check SEE result. Students can check their result online or by using their phone SMS service. The most easiest way is to check SEE result of Nepal online using official website.

There are lots of options to check result online. Many websites publish result. Among them choose the official website to get result quickly.

Students can also use their mobile phone to check the result. They can dial code provided by telecom company to check their result through SMS or IVR system.

What are the career paths after SEE result?

There are lots of paths after SEE examination result. Students can pursue their further studies based on their interest. They can also choose CTEVT or NEB as per their choice. CTEVT covers technical and vocational courses whereas NEB covers grade 11 and 12 higher studies in Science, Management, Education, Arts and  more. Some students wish to go abroad to study in Canada from Nepal, they can contact education consultancy to determine their eligibility.

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