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Where to Find Wholesale Crystals

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You can find wholesale crystals at many sources. Among them are NaCrystal, Stonebridge Imports, Etsy, and Amazon. However, there are a few things you should know before making a purchase. Before you begin your wholesale business, you should have a business license. These are required if you want to sell crystals. However, if you are unable to get a business license in your home country, you may be able to find wholesalers abroad.


If you are considering purchasing wholesale crystals online, NaCrystal is an excellent choice. They specialize in this niche and ensure that you are getting quality raw materials at wholesale prices. Additionally, they offer exceptional customer service. This website sells crystals directly from the source and ships to customers all over the world.

Nacrystal is a leading online store of crystals. Its products are available in different shapes and sizes. This website also provides information about each type of crystal. You can buy crystals in a variety of price ranges, including the rare amethyst crystal. Moreover, you can get free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

There are many online retailers that offer wholesale crystals. You can choose a wholesale crystal shop based on price, quality, retailer, and more. Some of these retailers also provide wholesale prices on bulk crystals.

Stonebridge Imports

Since 2002, Stonebridge Imports has been working to bring gemstone beauty to the people of North America. They have grown to the point where they offer wholesale crystals and gems online. This company maintains a 7,000-square-foot collection of gems. To make their products more accessible, they have developed a website for wholesale customers.

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Stonebridge Imports LTD specializes in providing customers with natural, polished and sculpted gemstones. They also offer wholesale pricing and free delivery across Canada and the US. Customers range from collectors to energy healers, parks and museums, lapidary shops and landscaping businesses. Their business is open from Monday to Saturday.

Stonebridge Imports is a retail and wholesale distributor with branches in Canada and the US. They ship worldwide and have a huge catalog of 10,000 products. Customers can buy online or in person through their brick and mortar storefront in Canada. This company uses the Odoo software to run its business. The founders, Ulymar F. Rocha, a Brazilian engineer, founded the company in 2002. Since then, the company has built a strong reputation for offering high-quality products at an affordable price.


If you are a jewelry designer looking for wholesale crystals, then you can check out the wide selection on Etsy. You can choose from crystal jewelry, bottles, and bulk products. It is also possible to find larger crystals, which are often more expensive. To find the best price, compare the price of different products and shop around.

If you’re a beginner in the business of selling crystals on Etsy, you should consider the importance of a strong social media presence. A strong SEO is important, as well as clear and well-written pictures. Listed items should also have a detailed “About” section, so that buyers can easily find information about the products.

In addition to selling crystal jewelry on Etsy, you can also sell them on eBay. This popular e-commerce site is filled with personal sellers of wholesale crystals. These sellers can provide a high-quality product with excellent customer service. You can even use advertising on Etsy to increase your sales, especially if your crystals are rare or highly sought after. You should also package your crystals properly, and sell them in a timely manner.

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Amazon is a great place to find wholesale crystals, as well as a host of other products. This retailer offers free shipping to many countries, and many of its products are incredibly affordable. Besides Amazon, you can also find a variety of crystals for sale on Aliexpress, a Chinese retail service that sells wholesale crystals and other products to international buyers. Both sites strive to keep prices as low as possible for their buyers, and you’ll find a huge selection of crystals there.

You’ll need to take good photos of your crystals to ensure that potential customers are drawn to them. You’ll want to show off the crystals’ color bands and structure. Even if you’re going to have to spend some extra cash for better photos, this will make the product look more appealing. Even if you’re only selling a few pieces, you’ll be able to make a good profit from selling wholesale crystals on Amazon.

Rock Paradise is another great wholesale crystal site. This retailer specializes in the crystal business and will provide you with the raw materials you need to start a business. The site also offers dropshipping options to any location in the world. Purchasing from an international company will save you time and money, and it will be more convenient if you’re starting your own business.

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