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Important key facts about Cronos; What you should be knowing about CRO Coin

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Witnessing the growing popularity of digital currency use by many big companies and support from big celebrities, many crypto-based websites have drawn the attention of various crypto enthusiasts across the world. These websites allow them to know CRO technical analysis or about CRO coin, and other related topics related to the crypto space. 


You might not be so familiar with CRO, but many crypto enthusiasts have known it from the largest centralized exchanges in the world. It is Crypto.com. Talking about Cronos platform, right now it is into the creation of their framework and environment at an impressive growth rate. Now you might get inquisitive in knowing about what made the speedy rise of Cronos? To know all about it, we need to explore Cronos’s ecosystem and find out about this new promising crypto technology. 


About Cronos and CRO Coin

Cronos can be defined as an Ethereum virtual machine or EVM compatible sidechain that operates simultaneously with public, open-source, and permissionless blockchain, Crypto.org Chain. Before Cronos came into being, the ecosystem of Crypto.com exchange has surrounded centralized exchange Crypto.com and Crypto.com chain. If you are a bit confused, between the exchanges, then let’s understand that just like Binance Smart Chain exists with EVM, similar is the case with Cronos chain. It is the same as Binance having the Binance chain and Crypto.com having the Crypto.org chain. 


ronos.com: what you should know about this exchange?


Powered by Ethermint, Cronos operates upon a PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus algorithm. It comes with the main focus of scaling the Chain Defi environment massively. Developers here are allowed to port applications and smart contracts from the chains that work accordingly with Ethereum Virtual Machine very fastly. 

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Key characteristics of Cronos

Here are some key characteristics of Cronos:


Compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine: With the help of Ethermint, it becomes easier for Cronos to underpin all smart contracts, plus posting of Dapps and DAOs on Ethereum.


Higher TPS: Another key feature or say advantage over Ethereum by Cronos is its higher TPS (Transactions per second). Hence, we can say that Cronos is much speedier in the creation of smart contracts. it is also very cheaper. 


Integration with IBC-enabled chains: Seeking the use of IBC as a protocol that lets connectivity between blockchains, Cronos will get big help to interoperate and traverse to the Cryptop.org Chain. , and other chains enabled by IBC, like Cosmos Hub. 


Simple stationing: For the speedy deployment of Cronos network for a particular purpose, the users need to adhere to the instructions for the deployment. 


Briefing about CRO Coin

Let us know about CRO Coin with the below key points:


  • Crypto.org Coin is the token name of this cryptocurrency. 


  • Like every exchange or platform has its recognized crypto toke, Cronos also has one native crypto token, called CRO Coin.


  • The contract and the token standard is under the process of updating


  • Coming on to what kind of token Cronos is, it is governance and utility


  • 30,263,013,692 is the total supply of CRO


  • 25.26B is the circulating supply of this cryptocurrency


  • $0.374 is the latest price of CRO 


Secondary market distributor

CRO coin is known to be a distributor to the secondary market. Hence, we can understand that this cryptocurrency is not for public sale or pre-sale. 

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Use case of CRO

Cronos cryptocurrency or CRO can be defined as a utility token of the Crypto.com exchange, Crypto.com chain, and Cronos platform. CRO is used by the exchange Crypto.com for its structure which includes:


CRO coin is used for payment purposes – Visa Card, Crypto.com Pay, and Crypto.org Chain. This cryptocurrency is also used for trading on Crypto.com exchange and mobile version. Besides this, CRO also finds its use for Crypto.com Credit & Crypto.com Defi Swap and Crypto.com Earn. 


CRO is used on the Crypto.com ecosystem on a wider scale and sustains to rise in being the Cronos native cryptocurrency. 


Exchanges to refer to get CRO token

If you wish to get a CRO coin, then you can refer to exchanges including Huobi Global, SushiSwap, Coinbase, Coin98, Crypto.com, and Uniswap. All these are centralized and decentralized exchanges marked as DEX and CEX.


Final words

When it comes to the question of whether CRO coin will make a good choice for investment. Then yes we can say that it does excel in the parameter because of its efficiency and multiple uses. The Binance ecosystem plus it can be purchased from both centralized and decentralized exchanges. 


Other than multiple used cases, one must notice is the working of the Crypto.com ecosystem, and about their planning, partnership, marketing, and lots more to safeguard the future of Cronos p[atform, Crypto.com, and Crypto.org chain. Cronos can churn out advantages from the user base of Crypto.com, amassing more. Than 10 million customers in giving a boost to Cronos during its early phase. 

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