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What toxic people do (and how to spot them)person a lesson

Toxic people are everywhere. They’re the people who make you feel bad about yourself, drain your energy, and leave you with a headache. They’re the people who want to drag you down, and often succeed.

Toxic people aren’t always easy to spot, but once you know what signs to look for, it’ll be easier to protect yourself from their negative influence.

I’ve noticed that most men who talk about toxic women quotes don’t include their own experiences. So I decided to write my personal experience with a toxic woman, who was my first girlfriend. Hopefully, this will be helpful for men who are dealing with a toxic woman in their life.

Giving unsolicited advice

Unsolicited advice is a red flag for toxic people. If you’re getting advice about your life, career, or relationships from someone who doesn’t know you well enough to be giving it in the first place, then you may have an issue on your hands.

How do I politely decline unsolicited advice?

You can simply say something like: “Thank you for your opinion; I’ll consider it.” Or just say “no” and walk away. If the person continues to insist on giving their unsolicited opinion, it might be time to bring up their behavior in another way – such as by saying something like “Do not give me unsolicited opinions.”

Talking behind people’s backs

Toxic people are often gossiping. They’ll talk about other people behind their backs, and they’ll do it in a negative way that makes them look better.

If you think about it, this is actually a good thing to watch out for. Toxic people tend to do this because they want to feel better about themselves by putting others down, or they want to make themselves look better by making others seem worse (especially if those others are not around). So if someone seems like they’re talking negatively about another person who isn’t there, it’s probably worth paying attention.

Making everything about them

Toxic people often have a lot of trouble letting go of their own feelings and emotions, so they take everything personally. On top of that, toxic people are selfish. They don’t care about your feelings or needs, so if you come to them with a problem or need help with something and they’ve got their own problems going on (or don’t feel like helping), they’ll turn around and make everything about them instead of helping you.

This can be especially bad when it comes to success and failure. Toxic people may try to sabotage your success by not being supportive or spreading rumors about how much better they are than you in an effort to take the spotlight off themselves for a minute.


Gaslighting is the act of denying or distorting someone’s experience of reality. It’s a form of manipulation that can be used to make someone feel like they are losing their mind, and it’s often used by toxic people.

The first step in identifying gaslighting is recognizing that you can often feel confused, frustrated, and/or angry after interacting with a toxic person, and these feelings may intensify as time passes. Here are some signs that you may be dealing with someone who is gaslighting:

  • You find yourself doubting your own perceptions and memories during conversations with this person
  • You frequently apologize or second-guess yourself around them
  • Your self-esteem has taken a serious hit since they entered your life

Guilt-tripping you

Guilt-tripping is a form of emotional manipulation. This means the toxic person uses guilt to get what they want, usually money or attention.

How do they do this? By making you feel bad about yourself, your actions, and even your beliefs.

But why would anyone want to make themselves feel bad in the first place? Well, it’s easier than dealing with one’s own issues. And if other people are willing to listen (or act) as though you have done something wrong, that makes it all the easier for them not to confront their own shortcomings…

Making you feel bad for having feelings

Toxic people will make you feel guilty for having feelings. They may tell you that your feelings are wrong and try to shame you into thinking that they’re not normal, which can be very damaging in the long run.

Toxic people will make you feel bad for having a different opinion than theirs. If someone is telling you that your point of view isn’t valid just because it differs from theirs, this is a sign of toxicity. We all have our own opinions and perspectives on things, so don’t let others bully or shame you into changing them simply because they don’t agree with them (or at least not without good reason).

Toxic people will make you feel bad for having a different way of doing things than theirs, and sometimes even suggest that yours is wrong or inferior. It doesn’t matter what method works best for YOU; the important thing is that everyone can find something they’re comfortable with when it comes down to doing their work well enough so no one has any issues with it later on down the road when deadlines start rolling around again.


The best way to deal with toxic people is to avoid them altogether. If that’s not an option, then you need to keep yourself from getting sucked into their drama. Remember: they’re only trying to get a reaction out of you so that they can feel better about themselves. Don’t let them do it.

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