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What To Do While the Movers Are Moving Your Furniture

If you’re preparing for a big move, you may be wondering about the process. Local moving companies take on the labor-intensive task of loading, transporting, and unloading your furniture, so you don’t have to.

As your local movers handle your furniture, you can do a few things to make the most of your time. These include:

Clear the Path for the Movers 

Clear a path from your front door to the moving truck to avoid potential accidents or delays. This gives the movers a direct and obstacle-free route when moving your furniture from your old home to the truck.

If you have rugs or carpets, roll them up and keep them out of the way. This also applies to small furniture items such as end tables, ottomans, and coffee tables. Get them out of the way to give the movers a clear path to move your large furniture first.

Put Away Any Valuables

Pack up any valuables before the local movers arrive, as it’s best to keep an eye on valuable items yourself. This includes jewelry, family heirlooms, necessary documents, money, and anything else that is irreplaceable or has sentimental value.

Set Up a Play Area for Kids and Pets 

If you have young children, set up a play area for them before the local movers arrive. This helps keep them out of the way while the local movers are working.

If you have pets, keep them in a safe and secure area where they can’t escape. The commotion of the move can be stressful for pets. Keep them calm and relaxed in their respective shelters.

Order or Prepare Food and Drinks 

Preparing refreshments for the local movers is a kind gesture. They’ll be working several hours to move your furniture and can get thirsty and hungry. Have some water, soft drinks, and snacks available for them to enjoy. This can help to keep them hydrated and their energy levels up.

Help the Movers Where Need Be

The local movers may need you to lend a hand from time to time. Be ready and willing to help when needed. If they need help emptying the drawers of a heavy piece of furniture, you could help by removing the items and storing them in a safe place.

Inspect Each Item as It’s Unloaded 

Take a few moments to examine each item when the local movers unload it from the truck. This includes checking for damages such as scratches, dents, or broken pieces. If you notice any damage, let the movers know right away so that they can make a note of it. This allows them to file a claim if necessary and have the damages repaired or replaced.

Most local moving companies have insurance that covers furniture damages. Be aware of any issues with your furniture before the movers leave, as it can be more challenging to file a claim after they’re gone.

Get the Required Supplies 

When local moving companies pack your furniture, they need some supplies to protect your home adequately. This includes items such as furniture pads, shrink wrap, and blankets.

If you don’t have enough of these supplies, the local movers may provide them for an additional cost. It’s best to have your supplies on hand to avoid unexpected charges. It can help prevent delays when local movers must get more supplies.

Get Payment Ready for Your Local Moving Companies

Have your payment ready as the local movers are finishing up. If you’re paying by check, get it from a local bank. The local movers may be unable to cash a check drawn from an out-of-state bank. If you’re paying cash, have the exact amount ready, as the local movers may not have change on hand.

Work With Local Moving Companies for a Stress-free Move 

Local moving companies provide many benefits, such as experience, convenience, and supplies during a move. They protect your furniture and work efficiently to complete the job. Make sure you are fully prepared before your moving company arrives. Your local movers will appreciate it, and you’ll be one step closer to settling into your new home. You can find expert local movers to help you transition into your new home. Find a local company today to get started.

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