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What to Do If PowerPoint Won’t Open on Mac

Do you need to create a presentation for your school, college, or professional needs, but PowerPoint won’t open on Mac? Can’t understand what to do in such a situation as your deadlines are just around? You’re going to get rid of your worries here.

You’re not the only victim, as many users get frustrated when attempting to launch a PowerPoint, but it doesn’t start. In this article, you’ll learn the major causes and their most effective solutions for PowerPoint (PPT), not opening issues.

What Causes Obstacles in Opening PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is one of the best apps for presentations available as a separate program. That means you can download and install it as per your requirement. But, sometimes failure of Safari causes difficulty in downloading the app. A recent update could also be an obstacle.

Incompatibility of the file with the present PowerPoint will not allow accessing the file. A corrupted PowerPoint file is another possible reason. A virus can corrupt your PPT file and its content. Another reason would be that your PPT file is password-protected.

Update Latest PowerPoint Version

Before proceeding with other methods to troubleshoot this error, try updating your PowerPoint app to the new version. From time to time, Microsoft keeps releasing advanced updates with new features. These updates best fix bugs and many other problems.

To start an update:

  1. Open your PowerPoint program and navigate to File.
  2. Click on Account and then Update Options.
  3. Hit on Update Now when found any new updates.

Once the update process completes, restart and open your PPT file again.

Force Quit PowerPoint and Relaunch It

This is another troubleshooting technique that can help you open your PowerPoint and prevent your frustration. Force quit your PowerPoint program to shut it down entirely. Hit the Apple icon/logo and then choose the Force Quit option.

From the app’s list, choose Microsoft PowerPoint and then tap on the Force Quit button. Next, find out if PowerPoint easily opens now on your Mac computer. For this confirmation, relaunch PowerPoint.

Mac Booting in Safe Mode

Mac Booting in Safe Mode

Booting your Mac computer in safe mode could help by solving the error PowerPoint won’t open on Mac. It closes all third-party apps and keeps the system apps alive during the boot process. M1 Mac users need to tap the Apple logo and pick the Shut Down option.

Keep holding the Power button until the screen displays two options. Choose Macintosh HD, hold Shift, and choose to Continue in Safe Mode. Intel Mac users have to choose Restart after clicking the Apple logo. Hold the Shift key when Mac restarts until it gets to the login window.   

Turn Off Protected View Settings

There is a Protected View feature in PowerPoint to protect Mac from harmful files. Sometimes, this feature blocks authentic files from being accessed. So, turn off this feature. Launch PowerPoint and hit on File.

Tap on Options and click Trust Center in the PowerPoint Options window. Hit Trust Center Settings. Keep scrolling until you find the Protected View button in the appearing Trust Center window. Unmark all three options and try opening your PowerPoint.

Delete PowerPoint Preference Files

Microsoft PowerPoint Preference Files are created to save all application preferences. These files can be relocated temporarily to solve this PowerPoint not opening error. To get started with this method, get your Finder app. Choose the ‘Go option’ in the top Menu bar.

Tap on ‘Go to Folder’. Input ~/Library in the search box and tap Return. Tap on the first result. Choose the Containers folder, input, and tap Return. Select and drag the file toward the Recycle Bin. Now, relaunch the PowerPoint app.

Create and Move to New User Account

Create and Move to New User Account

Temporarily create your new user account and then move to this account. Choose System Preferences after tapping on the Apple icon. Choose the Users & Groups option and hit on the Lock icon. Input the password of your Mac system and tap Unlock.

Hit on Plus (+) to add your new user. Give all the information and tap Create User. Choose the new profile and select “Allow user to administer this computer”. Exit the tab and hit the Apple logo. Sign out from the existing account, sign in with a new one, and relaunch the app.  

The Conclusion

These are the methods that prove effective in solving the problem when you can’t open PowerPoint on your Mac. When you still can’t access your PowerPoint, uninstall the app and install it again to give a fresh start.

You can also try running the First Aid in Disk Utility. It helps in removing the storage errors that cause PowerPoint issues. If nothing works, try converting the PowerPoint file to another format and then import it again to PowerPoint. This may also help fix the file corruption issues.

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