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What Services to Sell in your Airbnb

What Services to Sell in your Airbnb

Numerous individuals are adopting the sharing economy, even though earning money using Airbnb takes time and effort. Starting an Airbnb business appears to be a realistic option from a variety of perspectives. Airbnb is an excellent place to start whether you want to supplement your income or establish your own business.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for growing profitability, but certain parameters should be followed. Learn how to build a profitable vacation rental business by making some extra money on services.

What services can I offer on Airbnb to earn money?

Offering additional services to your Airbnb guests is an excellent way to augment your revenue. Additionally, by increasing the client experience, giving something extra may help you differentiate yourself from the competitors.

To assist you in getting started, here are eight additional services you can provide:

  1. Guided tours

When tourists visit your region, they will almost definitely pay for guided excursions of the local area. By offering tickets for a guided tour, you can aid them in doing something that was most likely on their to-do list. Collaborate with a local tour company to offer cheap tickets to your guests.

  1. Obtaining a bicycle or motorcycle rental

Renting a bicycle or motorcycle as an additional option can make traveling easier for your guests. Renting a bike or motorcycle is a common strategy for many Airbnb hosts to boost their income. It can save customers time when looking for a rental business in your neighborhood, while also improving your revenue. Almost definitely, guests will need to rent a car during their stay at your resort.

  1. Airport pick-up and drop-off

Travelers would appreciate your efforts to streamline the process of getting to and from their flights. Ascertain that it is affordable; otherwise, guests may choose for Uber or another mode of transportation. Additionally, you may employ a local transportation firm to arrange rides on your behalf and charge for convenience.

  1. Added cleaning

Cleaning your rental once before guests arrive is insufficient if they are staying for longer than a week. If you want to earn more money on Airbnb, consider adding additional cleaning services. With your guests, decide how frequently a cleaning service should come to clean. Negotiate the price before they book to avoid being startled by unexpected expenses.

  1. Event admission

Consider offering your guests an event package if an exciting event occurs in your region. To persuade travelers to book with you, include tickets or passes in your listing’s description and title. This will save them the time and effort of searching for the tickets on their own. Guests will express their gratitude with five-star evaluations and may even give you a shout-out on social media.

  1. Preparation of meals (breakfasts, lunch, dinners)

While leisure visitors prefer to dine at local establishments, business travelers like the option of self-catering. They are willing to pay an additional fee for the convenience, especially if breakfast is included. Consider including this additional service in your listing if your area attracts a high volume of business tourists.

  1. Laundry and dry cleaning services

Laundry and dry cleaning services are a significant convenience for business travelers.

By offering hotel-style services, you can encourage business travelers to choose your rental above others.

  1. Decorate for a significant occasion.

Numerous people use Airbnb to travel for important occasions. You can help them celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or any special occasion. You can monetize your Airbnb by giving decorative services. Guests will appreciate the ability to avoid this concern once they arrive.

How can you convince guests to acquire more services?

To stimulate your guests’ interest, explain how extra services can save them time or money. Include information about additional services in your listing and describe them in a way that attracts passengers’ attention.

For example, travelers to Venice will be impressed by the option of including a gondola ride in their stay. If you live in a rural area, renting bicycles or motorcycles to guests allows them to experience breathtaking trips.

Bear in mind that you must be truthful about the additional value of your services. Excessive promotion may dissuade guests from booking with you. If you’re looking to earn money on Airbnb, keep in mind that long-term earnings always outweigh short-term gains.

What is the most efficient way to charge for additional services?

If you’re looking for a way to charge customers for additional services, the following are some possibilities:

  1. Special Offer

If a guest contacts you and requests one of your additional services, you can create a unique offer on Airbnb. By utilizing the special offer tool, you may set custom pricing for your guests. Send a special offer only when you are ready to confirm a reservation.

The cost of the additional services will be added to the guest’s final bill. Inform your guests that any additional expenses will be added to the final transaction total.

  1. Request for Modifications

You can create a time-limited promotion that applies exclusively to pending reservations. If your guest has previously submitted a reservation request or confirmed a reservation, this option will be unavailable.

In this case, you’ll need to modify a reservation and alter the whole pricing.

When requesting a change, ensure that the total price (including cleaning and other fees) is entered in the amount box.

  1. Request for payment

To charge consumers for additional services, the simplest method is to send a resolution request. This is a complimentary service that is provided before, during, and after the guest’s reservation. From the Resolution Center, select “Request payment for additional services.”

If you pick this option, you simply need to include the cost of the additional services. Additionally, the cost of your additional services will be separately billed.

Your total pricing will remain constant, ensuring that your guests are not confused during the checkout process.


Making money with Airbnb requires effort and organization, regardless of whether you are a part-time or full-time host or property manager.

The key to earning the most money is to keep your calendar full while maintaining reasonable charges. To go above and above, strive to delight your guests by providing them with an unforgettable experience and additional services.

Consider automating your business to help you keep it in check. Vacation rental software, such as Lodgable, may nearly completely automate your operation. You have the following capabilities at your disposal:

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