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What Recruiters Want and Don’t Want From Your Resume

Writing a good resume is a difficult task that requires a lot of attention and research. However, when you try to find out what to include in resume and what not to include in your resume, you will find different opinions from different people. In such a situation you should only listen to the opinions of the recruiters to whom you will send your resume. No one else’s opinion should matter more than that of your recruiter.


Here is an article on what you should include and what you should not include in your resume inspired by the opinion of recruiters. You can also use tools such as Online resume maker to aid you with the process of making a resume.


What To Include In Your Resume? 

Here is a list of 5 things that you should add to your resume to make it attractive to the recruiters.

  1. Skills Section:

Include a skill section that lists 10 of your most valuable skills for the job at hand. Consider revising all of these skills for every new job that you apply for and adding those skills which will be most appropriate for the job.

  1. Keywords:

Include keywords from the job posting to make sure that you pass the applicant tracking system. The applicant tracks system is a software that scans through the resumes of many candidates and highlights the ones which are most relevant to the recruiter. Includes keywords from the job posting will ensure that your name passes through the ATS and gets read by the recruiter.

  1. Include Social Media:

Social media has now become an integral part of the hiring process. Make sure that you include your social media profile in your resume. It is very likely that recruiters will Google you to find your profile. You can make their task easier by including the link for your relevant social media profile in your resume itself.

  1. Resume Headline:

With the overwhelming competition in today’s world, most recruiters do not spend more than a few seconds going through a resume until they are very interested in the candidate. You need to add an interesting resume headline or objective to your resume to catch the eye of the employers. The resume headlines should summarise you as a candidate to the recruiter without having to go through your entire resume.

  1. Achievement in Previous postings:

While mentioning your previous work experience you should add what you have achieved in the previous posting. Recruiters are not interest to know what were your daily responsibilities to keep the workings going but what you had achieved while remaining in the position is what is important to them.

What To Not Include In Your Resume?

It is equally important to know what you should not include in a resume as it is important to know what you should include. Here is a list of five things that you should not include in your resume.

  1. Grammatical errors:

Proofread your resume at least twice or thrice to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. These errors will have a very negative impact on your resume.

  1. Too many details about Hobbies:

Including a little information about your interest and hobby is encouraged by employers. However, including a whole paragraph about your interest is not a good idea.

  1. Small font size:

As it is, hiring managers do not feel like going through so many resumes. Making the font size smaller will only increase their difficulties. Recruiter will not want to zoom in to your resume and thereby the chances of your resume getting read will be magnificently reduced.

  1. An offensive email address:

The email address that you include in your resume should be a professionals one and should contain your name as in your LinkedIn profile. Including an email address that is offensive or sexual, will increase your chances of not confirming your rejection.

  1. Multiple phone numbers:

Including more than one phone number will increase the chances of you missing an important message from the recruiter. In order to avoid this confusions make sure you insert only one phone number. Which is correct and available to you at all times.

Few Last Tips

While editing or making your resume for the first time you can take help from an online tool such as an free online resume builder. These tools are very helpful and can be used to get a brief outline for your resume.

Job hunting and making your resume is a difficult task. It is quite easy to feel sad. And discouraged when you don’t get into jobs even after applying to a lot of them. However, you need to realize that this is a very common thing. And in order to get over this problem, you need to edit your resume in a very professional manner. Taking into consideration all the points mentioned above.

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