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Dutch Master Palma

What is the uniqueness of Dutch Master Palma?

Dutch Master Palma Cigar are also known as Vanilla Dutch. It is a classic, tasteless cigarillo from Dutch Masters, America’s best-selling machine-rolled cigar brand. These cigarillos feature Dutch Master’s signature flavors from the finest Cuban seed Caribbean Tobacco

In this article, we will discuss this brand’s uniqueness and why it should be your first choice while buying cigars or tobacco products!

Branding Features:

Dutch master cigar has captivated smokers around the world since 1912. This brand only produces quality products located in Puerto Rico. Dutch Masters is known for its distinctive packaging depicting Dutch artist Rembrandt’s famous painting ‘Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild. 

Popular Product of Dutch Master Palma:

Dutch Masters is famous as one of the best cigar brands on the market after all the barriers that the government imposed on tobacco companies in the 1970s. Their tobacco products contain mild and smooth flavors and a sweet aroma. We also offer a variety of tobacco products, including the following:

  • Dutch master cigar
  • Flavored cigarillos
  • Tube cigarillos  

Vanilla Dutch is one of the most popular products of the Dutch Master Palma brand. An iconic Puerto Rican cigarillo wrapped in a Leaf wrapper of Connecticut Shade for an unforgettable smoking experience. You can enjoy the slow-burning and smooth, aromatic flavors of Dutch Master Palma cigars at any time of the day.

Types of Dutch Master Palma:

Undoubtedly, the brand gained popularity through sponsorships. Still, it has managed to hold its own reputation in the market thanks to the high quality of its cigars. 

The cigars of this brand are naturally wrapped, and mainly come in two types. 

  1. Full-size cigar 
  2. A small cigar called a mini Dutch

Dutch Master Cigar flavors include the following:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate 
  • Grape

Although machine-made, Dutch Masters cigars feature natural wrappers and exciting fillers. These fillers have Cuban seed tobacco flavor bound using a homogenized binder.

Why choose Dutch Masters Cigars?

Overall, Dutch Masters Cigars are an absolute pleasure to smoke. A box of Dutch Masters Cigars contains 40 cigarillos. In addition, the affordable price is a pleasant surprise. Suppose you are looking for a smaller cigar for the daytime. In that case, the vanilla Dutch master Palma machine cigar is a perfect choice. They are great for smoking and will instantly make you feel better for the rest of the day. 

Leading supplier of Dutch Masters Cigars:

View prices for all Dutch Masters Cigars and Cigarillos at Tobacco Stock. We feature every flavor and every type of Dutch Masters Palma at our online store. Our customer support is always ready to respond promptly to your queries. You can contact us anytime to book your order today!

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