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What is the PESO Model

What is the PESO Model: Definition and Examples

If it’s the first time you hear the term PESO, it may sound like a topic related to money matters. In the current business world, there are multiple smart media coverage options within the digital and social media realms. But in real sense, PESO is an acronym that refers to the big picture, which includes all communication channels from within a company setting.

All these communication channels are tailored toward helping business stakeholders grasp their respective market audiences. The term PESO represents paid, earned, shared, and owned media. All these aspects come together to form a solid structure that makes it easier for the business stakeholders to achieve their objectives.

This operating model involves public relations, digital media, and social media. When having a discussion about any of the three aspects mentioned above, you cannot miss elaborating something to do with the PESO model. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the PESO model of operation.


This is the platform where a certain amount of money is paid to place a message and control its distribution across different platforms of your preferred choice.


The earned option refers to all the published coverage of the enterprise. This can be done by a third party such as a blogger, trade analyst, or an industry influencer with prior experience within your field of operation.


This is the pass-along such as sharing and the comments left on your message by community members on different social media platforms.


The owned is your team of editors and the writers who work on your behalf to generate content, publish and monitor it on your behalf. All these operations are conducted on your business blog or website, depending on what works well for you.

When you look at the PESO model keenly, you will realize that every aspect delivers outstanding efforts that are important to the strategy’s success. Within the earned media sector, the public relations professionals tend to facilitate the publishing of your story on credible, third-party influencers such as bloggers, influencers, and trade analysts.

When it comes to the content marketing section, the power of the PESO model comes from the opposite direction, whereby it focuses where there is a good number of consumers. In this section, the conversion is picked up by the responsible market audience and left for the community to unleash their comments based on what they think about your brand. You can decide to do it manually or opt for the paid marketing messages.

The power that comes with one and many are mainly mitigated by the PESO model. When you want a good writer to help you generate content for your social sites, you need to prefer going for those who have hands in journalism and related fields to help you unleash a professional touch in your work. Remember that message you intend to convey is always in the hands of one writer who you choose to work with.

When the writer does not grasp the perspective in which you wanted to deliver the message, the media house you are running is likely to diminish within the shortest time possible since it won’t generate results. In such cases, the writer you choose to work with is not a fan of your company. This is why it’s important to opt for a journalist who is passionate about what you are doing to help you deliver your intended message.

Applying the PESO Model

The four channels outlined in the PEDO model have their pros and cons.  However, this does not mean that there is something that needs to be abandoned for everything to run smoothly. All these channels work together to enable you to fulfill your goals and objectives within the business industry. To capitalize on the power offered by PESO, you need to think about it like a pyramid with four corners.

To get the best out of this operating model, it’s advised to begin with the owned and shared models and then accompany it with the earned and paid versions. If you organize all four channels perfectly, you will be better positioned to mitigate the weakness of one channel with the other, thus enhancing the success of your strategies. This will place you in a better position within the business industry since you will have a clear route that you can use to access potential customers.

PESO Enhances Marketing Efforts

Marketers have a habit of channeling all their efforts into a field that they feel more comfortable with. However, this limits them from making big wins from their marketing efforts since they do not get enough exposure to customers from different diversities. PESO offers multiple channels that marketers can use to facilitate their daily operations. This model offers the maximum potential to marketers since they have diverse options.

Those who find paid marketing channels to be difficult can opt for content marketing or owned channels, depending on what works well for them. In addition, if you want to know the real power of how the PESO model operates, you need to combine the application of all four channels in your marketing endeavors. All you need is a good picture of the goals you intend to accomplish, and you are set to go.

Having a clear understanding of the goals you intend to attain in business enhances your focus and concentration, thus placing you in a better realm of the marketing sector. All the channels outlined within the PESO model are easy to utilize and secure a comprehensive audience that will support your business’s strategic growth and development.

Applying the PESO Framework in Practice

PESO is an awesome model that you can use to plan how your company will utilize different media channels to popularize your products and services. It is used as part of the campaign plan whereby every format is tailored to attain a specific goal. Also, the tool can be used to identify the relationship between the media channels and the marketing tactics in action.

In addition, PESO mitigated the power and weakness of all the media types and the channels applied in advertising your business. Every media format guarantees quality output once everything has been implemented correctly. Also, you can combine every strategy you opt to use with your initial strategy to transform your business operations. Remember that paid media is one of the most popular routes that you can opt to use and secure a good market audience.

PESO Model Examples

The PESO model is applied in a series of mechanisms to facilitate the smooth running of business operations. Below are some of the PESO model examples that you should know.

Channel Planning

This is whereby the PESO framework is mainly applied as a channel tool. You can integrate this framework to enhance the effectiveness and value of your marketing efforts.

Media Investment

Media Investment is a key aspect where the PESO framework is applied. It’s the most critical investment framework that you can utilize to enhance the performance of your business.

Public Relations and Integrated Marketing

Showing the relationship between different media aspects is difficult if you do not have a good mechanism. PESO can help you identify the existing patterns and relationships between your channel.


The PESO model plays a critical role in enhancing the success of marketing efforts and triggering the development of businesses within different domains. Understanding how the elements of this framework operate plays an integral part in ensuring that all media strategies generate better results when the right data is absorbed into the system. Do you know how to utilize the PESO model in your marketing endeavors? PPCexpo covers everything you need to know in this article!

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