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Panchang in Our Lives

What is the Importance of Panchang in Our Lives?

The name Panchang is deduced from two root words: Pancha (five) and Ang (aspects). This means, it works with five different kinds of inputs:

1) Day of the week (Vara)

2) Lunar day(Thithi)

3) Constellation (Nakshatra)

4) Yoga 

5) Karana. 

The Panchang measures time-grounded on Vedic computations. Time, as we know, is the substance of life. Several websites provide a special column for Today’s Panchang that help common people understand a shubh muhurat of any special occasion. The Panchang is the essential part of Vedic divination, impacting a given day. By knowing the parameters of the Panchang completely, we can easily understand what the map pledges and what the future has in store for us. 

How does the Panchang work?

The rudiments of Panchang are all ruled by colorful globes and govern colorful aspects of our life. By working on them, we can understand and correct ourselves to a great degree. 

They grounded the computation of time on divination and added the position of stars and globes, their movements, auspicious times, etc to the florilegium. It came veritably easy to collect astrological and astronomical information from the Panchang. 

Hindus considerably make use of Panchang for all important effects in life. We can say it’s a spiritual as well as a scientific timetable. Panchang has been used by people to Calculate the auspicious times for the colorful important events in life. 

Panchang is a system that has also been linked to elysian rudiments. There are twelve months under the Panchang which are divided into two corridors. One is Krishna Paksha and the other is Shukla Paksha. Now all the carnivals and fasts specified in the Hindu religion are celebrated grounded on these Pakshas and Panchang. 

Understanding Panchang better

Panchang is made up of five corridors and these five corridors have their special significance. Reading and harkening to Panchang also give auspicious benefits. Yogas like attainment of Goddess Lakshmi and increase in age are formed. There are three aqueducts in it:

  1. i) Moon-grounded
  2. ii) Nakshatra-grounded

iii) Sun-grounded. 

Panchang also has 12 months. Each month is divided into two Pakshas of 15 days, which are called Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. It’s known that the practice of having a time of 12 months and a week of 7 days started from Vikram Samvat. The 12 months of the Panchang have been named based on the constellation in which the Moon is on the full moon day. At the same time, Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha are determined and grounded on the adding and dwindling phases of the Moon. 

In the Panchang, a day is divided into an aggregate of eight Pahars. Consequently, one hour is three hours. Half a nanosecond has been given the status of a moment in the Panchang. Also, there are twenty- four moments in a moment. One phase of the Moon is called Tithi. The duration of daylight from one daylight to the coming day is called Var. 

These are the reasons why checking the aaj ka panchang information is important before one starts a day or begins an undertaking.

Factors that influence Panchang

The significance of Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana remains important in the Muhurta Shastra of divination. All five together make the Panchang. This has five nouns, these are Nanda, Bhadra, Jaya, Rikta, and Poorna. In these also Chaturthi, Navami, and Chaturdashi tithi has been given the name of vacancy. Their graces and faults depend on their name to the great extent. 

Nanda Tithi

It’s preferable to start any kind of film assiduity, fashion show, the establishment of heavy assiduity, the business of diamond jewelry, or work related to luxury and entertainment. 

Bhadra Tithi

It’s better to start a business, start a business, to achieve success in health, education, and competition. Jayatithi is also considered stylish for executive departments as well as for judicial departments, any kind of education competition, the inauguration of literacy, a trip abroad, resolution accomplishment, and action. 

 Rikta Tithi

Its operation is considered to be the stylist for barring adversaries and getting rid of debts. also, Purnitithi is auspicious for fulfilling all the judgments and tasks made. Out of these five, the idea of Rikta is the most important because the date of Rikta is the factor of solitariness, peace, solitariness, and repudiation. The person born on Rikta Tithi is devoted to others, his life isn’t for himself but for society. utmost of similar people are monks and sannyasis. 

Among the Rikta Tithis, Ganesha is the lord of Chaturthi, Shakti of Navami, and Shiva of Chaturdashi, independently. The person born on this date is a shot in every work, a slanderer of the exponents, a knower of the Holy Writ, a destroyer of others’ self-esteem, and largely professed. 

Yoga and Karana

A group of stars is called a constellation. Yoga is formed by the confluence of the Sun and Moon. At the same time, half of the date is called Karana. Basically, a yoga is formed by a combination of two karanas. There are totally eleven karanas in our Hindu astrology according to Hindu astrology. 

Panchang in a Nutshell

When there were no timetables, Panchang was used to calculate the time. Nowadays, Panchang is used to know the colorful carnivals celebrated in Hinduism and fasting, etc. The Indian timetable has also been used to know the season. Shubh Muhurta, Marriage Muhurta, and several other auspicious events start according to the date of Panchang.

So go ahead and check out todays panchang, and get a clear understanding of how, when, and where to start the important activities of your life.

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