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What exactly does the term ” Content Marketing ” mean? And how does it currently fit into the digital strategies of companies ?

In very simplified terms, content marketing identifies the actions of drafting textual content intended for the web and designed to attract online users , in order to best enhance a product, service, cause or activity.

In the last few years, the motto ” Content is King ” has become increasingly known : content has become the “king” of the web. By this we mean that, precisely in function of the profound evolutions of the network and of digital users, the quality of the contents is among the preponderant factors for a successful digital strategy . In practice, this means that digital marketers have understood that producing high-level textual content , i.e. capable of genuinely informing , educating in an understandable way, entertaining and entertainingthe public is the correct way not only to position oneself on search engines, but also to attract new users , to keep them on your platform, to engage and convince them to interact with the brand. This, in turn, will generate more qualified contacts and, consequently, much increased business potential compared to those that would occur with a series of leads that are not properly structured, much less loyal.

Ultimately, if a good content marketing is able to offer information first, and then products, which will prove useful to the user, this will become a spontaneous promoter of the brand on the web , recommending it to others and creating a virtuous circle for the ‘agency.

As it is easy to guess, content marketing initially took hold in English-speaking countries and, over time, it also spread to Italy . Currently, companies from every sector and every level are increasingly inclined to recognize the value of quality content because they know well that the web is an important resource for every business, to the point that it has become indispensable .

Content Marketing in Italy: a country made of storytelling

From a content point of view , Italy is very rich in stories to tell thanks to a tradition of excellence that reverberates in the quality of its products and services, in the specificity of its workmanship, in its craftsmanship : it is a decidedly storytelling attractive not only for copywriters and content marketers in charge of writing content, but also for users who will have to use them.

In this sense, therefore, it is very important that Italian companies, and especially SMEs , fully understand the importance of telling and telling about themselves both to the loyal and potential public: content marketing is precisely for this, and represents a new way to open up and communicate on the web , with the ultimate goal of emerging , differentiating from competitors and placing themselves in a stable way in their own reference niche, telling their target audience about their excellence and specificity .

The significance of content promoting turns out to be all the more clear when we take a gander at how it helps your business fabricate and further develop website streamlining (SEO).Website design enhancement has a significant influence in further developing perceivability for your business on the web.Notwithstanding, if you need to further develop SEO, you really want to make streamlined content.

As indicated by Tech Client, content creation is the best SEO strategy.

As a matter of fact, business locales that post predictable blog content have on normal of 434% a bigger number of pages listed via web crawlers than those that don’t distribute by any means.The more happy you have on your site, the more pages the web search tool needs to record and show to clients in their internet searcher results.

However more pages don’t be guaranteed to bring about higher traffic, it offers your image the chance to rank for additional watchwords.For example, making online journals on various important themes allows you more opportunities to rank for the watchwords that they are looking for. Also, the more satisfied you have on your site, the more reasons you give guests to keep close by.

This implies a higher on location time, which can likewise decidedly affect your website improvement.Google sees time spent nearby as one pointer that your site gives important substance.Need to give significant substance to your site guests reliably? You ought to!Consider our blog composing administrations as a choice to support your substance promoting game.

Finally , content marketing should be an integral part of a more complete and articulated digital marketing strategy – or, more specifically, inbound marketing – . For this reason, companies, both micro and large-scale, will increasingly need the support, advice and operations of professionals specialized in complex and synergistic web approaches.

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