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What is the best software to manage leads sales?

When a business is initiated, it needs to tap customers. Due to intense competition, a business needs to tap potential buyers and convince them to try the product. Such potential buyers are known as leads. A business has both direct and indirect customers for its products and services. This entire process of tracking leads, labelling them, and nurturing them is known as lead management. 

Lead Management is also referred to as customer acquisition management. It is a collection of different methods and practices that help acquire new clients for a business. Companies nowadays use lead management tools. Small and mid-sized companies look for simplified tools that help acquire and maintain customer databases and sales leads. 

Here are some of the popular software to manage leads sales:-


Refrens is an efficient lead management software that has eased the process of managing leads for a business. The software is recommended for all kinds of businesses, irrespective of its size. The main purpose of Refrens is to help streamline leads, ensure high revenue, and boost the sales of an organisation. It helps businesses respond to leads faster. With this software in place, it becomes easier to assign leads to dedicated sales representatives who can engage with personal messaging with the leads. The tool aims at capturing leads while reducing their turnaround time.

Refrens lead management software eases the communication process with leads. The sales team can get in touch with the leads through WhatsApp and other mediums. They can ensure regular follow-ups at every stage of the lead to drive more revenue. With Refrens, users can automatically capture the leads from their websites, social media, and other platforms. In addition, it is possible to create multiple sales pipelines, segment leads in different stages. With this software in place, it is possible for companies to create quotations and invoices and email them to the clients directly.


Monday is an ideal software for small and large-sized businesses when it comes to managing customer data, processes and interaction. It is basically a CRM or customer relationship management software application, that helps clients manage things in the manner they like. The primary benefits of this software are project management, customer relationship management, task management, and sales, among others. Monday offers users the freedom to build and personalize the dashboard as per their requirements. It even offers automation capabilities, eliminating repetitive tasks. 

With Monday, it is possible to collaborate with teams in one single shared workspace. It even helps in planning, tracking, and executing projects of any size. The users have the freedom to collaborate seamlessly across different departments. It offers integrations with dozens of platforms like Slack and Google Drive. The software is 100% customisable. It is quite flexible to fit any workflow. With this software, it is possible to motivate teams to stay on track. The services of the software are available in multiple languages. However, the software offer features for mind mapping.


Pipedrive is perfect for managing sales. It offers a detailed picture of the existing and previous deals made by the organisation. The software is designed to empower users to nurture their leads into customers who pay. The tool helps automate busywork while combining lead data in a single platform. It monitors multiple complex sales strategies as well. The primary features of the software are pipeline management, activities management, sales reporting, email integration, data import-export, and forecasting, among others. 

With Pipedrive, users can make strategies and manually update records. The software allows users to repair broken processes via broad and granular reports. With the software in place, users can devote time to more important work and take strategic decisions. Sales representatives can focus on lead nurturing as the software takes care of all the tedious work. Users can even organise lead segments on the basis of location, touchpoints, buyer behaviour, and history of communication. It is an ideal lead management solution that ensures privacy while securing data use. 


HubSpot supports the sales team to begin using the software without making any changes in the ongoing workflow. It helps bring together sales, marketing and customer relationship management on a single platform. With a range of features, HubSpot can allow users to create email campaigns, manage their social media accounts and automate their workflow. Further, it assists companies in executing lead generation activity, effortlessly. HubSpot offers complete visibility in the sales pipeline in real time. It offers an efficient view of the dashboard as well. 

The software is recommended for small and medium-sized companies that desire to scale without making a heavy investment into elaborate software. It is a capable platform for managing and maintaining new leads through a gamut of complimentary tools.  The software allows monitoring the delivery of email messages. The software enables users to arrange client meetings, without any hassle. Although it offers a free plan, customers face the problem of limited customer support where they do not have any kind of access to a customer calling or chat support in the app. 


Zoho is a lead management tool that helps teams improve their productivity. It offers precise solutions to all business activities. The software offers automation capabilities to ease the process. It has a customizable dashboard as well. With the software, different people working on the same project can collaborate seamlessly. The software logs their billable and non-billable working hours with the help of timesheets. Users can create issues and track them. Zoho helps users convert their live chats into leads. It offers in-person training.

The last word

Lead generation software are designed to assit companies in surveying the customers. It helps prevent visitors from abandoning the website. The primary objective is to offer companies a comprehensive understanding of the behavior of existing customers. This helps them tap new leads. The tools are designed to help companies target new customers based on the offered information. With the use of the software, copanies can unburden themselves from the task of lead management. 

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