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Google Theme Creator

What is Google Theme Creator?

It is no secret that the vast majority of internet users use browser clients to access and surf the web. A good part of that ‘vast majority’ uses Google Chrome and for good reasons. One of such is that it is a product of the biggest search engine. Chrome is now available for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and other operating systems. It remains, without a doubt, the best and most traditional browser ever created.

Now, while Google Chrome is itself visually appealing, it offers few design options, such as the ability to install a theme to change the look as well as feel. However, the number of Google Chrome themes accessible on the web is extremely limited. For this reason, people look for Google Chrome Theme Developers.

What are the themes?

Themes in computing are pre-configured packages of graphical look and functionality features. A theme is typically made up of a series of colors and forms for the visual control components, the window, and the window design. Themes are used to change the appearance and feel of a piece of software or an operating system.

Themes are typically used to improve the feel and look of a large number of elements at once, making them far less complex than letting the person customize each choice separately. For example, one might prefer a theme’s window borders, but downloading and installing it might also change the background of your desktop.

What are Google themes?

Google Theme Creator

The Google Chrome theme is a type of browser extension that alters the appearance of your browser. Themes are packed similarly to standard extensions, however, they lack JavaScript and HTML code.

Many users value the ability to change the blazing white theme to a darker screen to protect their eyes, as well as the ability to customize Chrome’s settings. Due to the frequent use of chrome by users, there is a very high tendency for regular strolls to be made around the homepage.

Google Chrome is an excellent browser for a variety of factors. Among the many reasons we like Google Chrome very much, one of them is that it has so many options for customizing it to e user’s preferences. Themes are also an excellent method to customize your browser.

Google Theme Creator

Google Theme Creator

Again, one among the numerous reasons why the Google Chrome browser is appreciated and used by a lot of people is the customizable feature. With this feature, some extensions can help a user to create themes that are customized to suit the user’s taste. In this section, we would consider the platform used for this job – Google theme creator.

What is Google theme creator?

The Google Theme Creator is a Chrome extension that allows you to build your personal and customized theme. You may customize everything about this platform, this may include details as low as the background image down to the tab colors. 

There are a lot of excellent Google Chrome themes available. Even so, more can still be done, this implies that you can create your desired Chrome theme that is customized. The Google Theme Creator Chrome extension lets you create as well as export your customized themes using an understandable graphical platform.

How to use the Google theme creator

Google Theme Creator

  • Log in to the site, and a preview would be displayed on the right.
  • On the left part of your screen, the option for theme creation is located. This section has two tabs- the basic and the advanced. The basic tab is compatible for amateurs as it has just a few features that can be understood by first-timers in contrast with the advanced tab which has more complicated features.

Note: Created themes can always be reset to the default.

How to create themes with the Google theme creator


  • Begin by giving your theme a name. When making use of the basic or the advanced creation, this should be the first step. Without a name, you can’t download, activate, or even save your created theme.
  • You can begin by importing an image on your PC under the basic settings. When using the basic settings to add a picture, keep in mind the image size. You may need to make adjustments if you desire the image to be larger or smaller.
  • You can select a color scheme in the next area. This is a simple method for changing the color of tabs, text, buttons, and other elements.
  • After you’ve modified the colors and added a picture, click on Pack and Install to install the theme. Your theme will change when you tap on Add.


  • In the advanced section, you can choose a color or submit a picture to the NTP Background. When you include a photo, you can use the new choices to change its positioning.
  • You’ll also note that as you hover over the area of the theme you’re changing, it changes.
  • The remainder of the Photos section’s choices allows you to add pictures or designs gotten from your PC to various portions of the theme. If you don’t wish to use a picture, you can simply use a color. If you want to be recognized, place an image of your logo, name, or whatever you wish in the lower right section of the theme.
  • The colors are the next step in developing a theme. Fonts as well as other smaller items such as the buttons and status bar use these colors. If you’d like, you can utilize the Advanced tab to customize the theme which you made with the Basic option.
  • You are now prepared to install it when everything is in order. Inside the Pack tab, you’ll find many options for installing, downloading, and downloading the theme as zip file. Theme Creator has the advantage of allowing you to upload and update your theme later.


We all use the internet but we don’t all have to use it the same way. So, if you want your browser to reflect your personality and stand out from your friends’ or the rest of your family’s – everyone else’s, really – then you definitely should customize your Chrome browser just the way you like it. And as seen in this article, Google Theme Creator lets you do just that – in such an easy way too.

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