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What Is Design Thinking And Why Is It So Popular?

We are living in an era where innovation is the key to business success and growth.  The importance of smart work has emerged.  When talking about innovation, how can we not talk about design thinking as innovation is basically a product, process, or service that has two key characteristics: novelty and usefulness but creating something novel is worthless if it is not used?  Design thinking gives innovation the upgrades it needs to produce meaningful and impactful solutions.  There are even many platforms that offer different design thinking certificate courses if you want to learn about them.

In this article, we have collected complete information about what design thinking is and why it is so popular.  Read on to learn more about it.

What Is Design Thinking?

When it comes to defining what is design thinking, there is no straightforward definition to answer it!  It consists of a dynamic procedure.

Design thinking is a dynamic process of trying to understand consumers, confront assumptions, redefine troubles, and craft innovative solutions.  The purpose is to make out alternate plans and solutions which may not be immediately obvious from your preliminary perceptive.  It revolves around understanding the profound interest of the people for whom you develop products and services.

It improves your ability to ask questions by involving questioning problems, assumptions, and meanings.  Design thinking can be applied to any field.  It doesn’t have to be a specific design.  It is very user-centric.  Focusing primarily on people, we try to understand their needs and find effective solutions to meet those needs.

We call this a solution-focused approach to problem-solving.  Design thinking encourages creativity and innovation.  As humans, we rely on our accumulated knowledge and experience to influence our behavior.  We form patterns and habits that help us in certain situations but can limit our perspective in solving problems.  Rather than repeating the same tried-and-true method over and over again, design thinking encourages us to remove the blindfold and consider alternative solutions.  The whole process helps us challenge hypotheses and explore new paths and ideas.

Why Is It So Popular?

Nowadays, every company is using the design thinking approach.  Design thinking is especially useful in solving “bad problems.” Design thinking helps people think outside the box.  Incorporating design thinking into the process adds tremendous business value, ultimately making the products you design not only desirable to your customers but also profitable in terms of your company’s budget and resources.

Let us delve more into how design thinking helps in solving all business-related problems.  In layperson’s terms, it is about helping to think out of the box.  Along with this, it is for everyone and used by everyone.

  • With a design thinking approach, one might strive to develop new ways that do not adhere to conventional or more frequent problem-solving methodologies. We aim to study and comprehend how consumers engage with our products, as well as examine the conditions under which they work.  Disproving past assumptions is one aspect of thinking outside the box.  That is, to be able to demonstrate their validity.
  • Design thinking allows us to look beyond the box and delve a little further into issue solutions. It enables you to do appropriate research, develop prototypes, test your goods and services, and discover new methods to fulfill your consumers’ demands.
  • Designers avoid the need to solve an issue as soon as it is revealed. Instead, they begin by understanding what the fundamental, underlying problem is that must be addressed.  They don’t search for a solution until they’ve identified the true problem, and instead of tackling that problem, they pause to explore a variety of alternatives.  Only then will they accept their proposition.
  • Design thinking ideas and tactics are applicable at all levels of the organization. Design Thinking benefits not just designers but also creative employees, freelancers, and executives who want to include it at all levels of their firm.
  • The broad use of design thinking enables the development of new goods and services for business and society. Design thinking begins with the skills designers have gained over decades to balance human requirements and available technology resources within corporate restrictions.
  • Designers have been able to build the items we have today by combining what is desired for humans with something that is economically and technologically viable.
  • It is strongly based on a comprehensive and empathic grasp of the situations at hand. Emotions, wants, motives, and behavioral aspects are all ambiguous and highly subjective ideas in design thinking.


A simple design thinking approach can make a whole new difference in the world of business.  The better you understand consumer needs, the more effective products you can create.

If you want to learn the design thinking approach and enter the design thinking realm, you need to understand the heart of the industry.  You can do so by joining the design thinking certification courses offered by Emeritus in collaboration with international universities.

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