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What is a Clear Vinyl Sneeze Guard and helps retail stores?

Organizations like OSHA and the CDC have outlined very strict requirements for retail store owners in the post-pandemic world. To continue operating, retail store owners must follow these guidelines and recommendations –

  • Ensure all employees wear personal protection equipment (PPE) like gloves, face shields, masks, etc. Customers who enter the store must also wear these items (at least face masks).
  • Require in-store employees to wash/sanitize their hands every 30-60 minutes.
  • Take temperatures of employees and customers before allowing them entry inside the store.
  • Frequently clean and disinfect all surfaces inside the store – from products to the payment counter.
  • Install vinyl sneeze guard barriers inside the stores.

The last point has confused many store owners. What are vinyl sneeze barriers and guards? How can they help retail store owners? Let’s explore.

What Are Vinyl Sneeze Guards?

Vinyl is a synthetic version of plastic made from a crude oil extract called ethylene. It’s a light, transparent, and shatter-resistant material. These qualities make vinyl the perfect material for manufacturing protective guards and barriers. 

  • Vinyl guards and barriers look like glass. But they’re much cheaper and don’t shatter like glass. 
  • They’re also very light and easy to clean. Hence, installing these barriers doesn’t require too much effort. 
  • Since glass barriers aren’t nearly affordable enough for small businesses, vinyl sneeze barriers provide a much better option. 

These clear barriers or partitions have been used in foodservice and healthcare facilities in the past. Now, they’re used everywhere to keep workers and shoppers safe.

What is a Sneeze Guard Used For?

A sniffle monitor is utilized as a hindrance among customers and representatives. They are an incredible method for keeping the spread of microbes from one individual to the next, which eventually dials back an infection like COVID-19.

Sniffle monitors are utilized for the entirety of the accompanying:

  • Eateries and pastry shops
  • Sales registers
  • Front counters
  • Drug stores and specialist’s workplaces
  • Public transportation
  • Corner stores
  • Schools
  • Exercise centers and wellness studios

Do Sneeze Guards Work?

Are Sneeze Guards Effective?

Sniffle watches are powerful and work equivalent to facial coverings. They prevent splash and drool from your nose and mouth from arriving on different surfaces and individuals. These safeguards are one more defensive hindrance from inescapable infections like COVID-19.

Control is key with regards to dialing back the spread of infection. One microbe can duplicate into in excess of 8 million in a solitary day, which is the reason sniffle monitors are so significant.

They assist with keeping the microbes contained and prevent microscopic organisms from arriving in a space that is near someone else. Some infections live on surfaces for as long as 72 hours, which is the reason it’s critical to quickly keep the microbes from spreading as well.

Why Install Vinyl Sneeze Barriers Inside Retail Stores?

As retail stores across the globe reopen, in-store workers are placed under increased risk of contracting diseases from shoppers. Installing vinyl sneeze barriers and guards to maximize their safety should be every store owner’s priority. 

Installing these protective barriers around payment counters, in particular, is highly important. At these spots, the cashiers and the customers communicate the most. Hence, billions of tiny respiratory droplets are released inside these areas at these locations. 

By installing these barriers at customer service counters, store owners can –

  • Make shoppers and indoor workers feel safer.
  • The barriers are cleanable and reusable. So, store owners can maintain 100% safety every day with these protective items.
  • These protective barriers only block respiratory droplets; they don’t block the customers’ vision. In-store workers can communicate freely with their customers via these transparent guards.

Why Vinyl?

The major advantage of using transparent vinyl guards and barriers is their durability. These protective sheets offer high resistance against abrasions, tears, or scratches. In case they do get damaged, replacing them doesn’t cost much as vinyl is a very cheap material. 

Store owners can easily order large sets of these protective barriers without spending too much money. Then, they can install large or small vinyl guards across their stores to create transmission-free zones for their customers. Large vinyl panels are also multilayered. They’re ultra-durable and can be used for several years.

In the post-pandemic world, retail stores that offer the safest shopping experiences will succeed the most. Vinyl barriers and guards enable store owners to create safe shopping experiences without spending too much money or effort.

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