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What Has Made Real Estate Market Grow?

Today, real estate is a demanding business with a turnover of $6972.8 million as of 2018, and the value is expected to reach around eight thousand million dollars by 2026. Several reasons have been encountered in the growth of real estate companies. First, Estate agents wapping are projected to work under some daily protocols that increase their business.

However, so many people love to invest in these volatile economic conditions due to their increase. Even the government has increased their efforts for the infrastructure of this business as they had played a massive role in expanding the world’s economy. However, several things contribute to improving the market value of the real estate business that are listed below.

Robust demand

  • According to a survey conducted in 2021, the demand for data centers is expect to increase by up to 18 million square feet by 2025.
  • Out of which, demand for residential lands is more due to rising in the income of the household and become of urbanization.
  • Undoubtedly, the price of countries’ housing markets in the international market has stood up at the top, which has also led to an increase in real estate stock.
  • The organized real estate stock is expected to grow by 29%. That means the area covered under them can be approximately 80 million square feet by 2023.

Mesmerizing opportunities

  • By observing the market value of real estate businesses, it is expected that the value of firms is going to increase up to 3.5 trillion rupees, which means 48 billion US dollars.
  • Moreover, the funds raised by the real estate investments are expected to reach up to 29 billion US dollars. That means the infrastructure of this business is increasing at high rates.
  • Moreover, so many private investors have contributed to the real estate sector. One of them has invested around 50 billion US dollars and expects to add additional value to it.

Policy support

  • Due to increasing demand, this sector has provided transparency and returns to its clients. As a result, it has led to an increase in private and public investments.
  • Moreover, the real estate business is attracted an institutional add-on value of 5 billion us dollars, approximately around 90% of transactions recorded in the last year.
  • Moreover, due to this policy support, the estate segment has attracted private equity funding of around 3200 million US dollars in nineteen deals.

Exploded funding

  • In the past six months in 2021, the real estate business has encountered an investment of around 2.5 billion dollars are the assets have grown up to 52% annually.
  • The real estate sector’s construction business has also grown with an investment value of 53 billion dollars from April 2020 to December 2021.

Real estate sectors have witnessed a rapid growth in their valuation. The most important reason for this is due to increase in residential demands. However, there are statistics that you must know about this sector to have a brief knowledge.

Statistics that you must know about real estate

  • It is recorded that around 2% to 4% of the adult population has a reliable real estate license in Asian countries.
  • As per the survey of 2021, around 1.56 million people have been part of the estate business, out of which 55% are women realtors.
  • The middle age of active realtors is around 52, out of which 45% of them have completed bachelor’s degrees.
  • It has been reported that 82% of licensed active realtors have their primary residence, and 37% have secondary land.
  • Agents hold around 68% of real estate licenses, and 32% are held by brokers or commission agents.
  • It has been observed that residential properties occupy around 130 million through renters and owners.
  • Agents and associated brokers have sold out around 92% of residential land.
  • Moreover, the median selling prices of the homes have also increased by more than 400% from 1980 to 2021.
  • Realtors usually make around 90% of more money than commission agents annually. The income of realtors is about 88000 dollars for approximately 60 hours per week.
  • However, realtors with an experience of around 15-16 years have a net profit income of 75000 weekly.
  • It has been proven that around 70 realtors are especially active in selling or buying residential properties rather than commercial ones.
  • 74% of real estate agents use Facebook to promote their business online, while 405 realtors use LinkedIn to increase their companies.
  • According to a survey, 60% of the sales are due to social media platformsrather than websites.

These are some of the critical statistics that have been recorded in the real estate business. Some of them are shocking, while some are expected. However, these all things and statistics significantly increase the turnover of the real estate business. It has powered the industry in all possible ways.

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