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What factors prevent acne from disappearing? For anyone who

For anyone who is worried about having acne repeatedly, the treatment will not be completely cured. This article will solve your doubts in depth about acne. I assure you that if you understand the problem, treat it to the point, you will definitely be cured.

The good skin care product must not hurt your skin. Every time you wash your face, use facelabs a cleansing foam that deeply understands your skin.

Acne that has not disappeared It is a chronic relapsing inflammatory skin disease characterized by a prolonged period of time with flare and alternating remission.

Acne can be divided into how many types?

at Ratchathewi Clinic We divide acne into 4 types according to the stage of inflammation.

Type 1 acne is an early stage which may not be visible. Later, it grows up to be seen as a white or black head blockage.

Type 2 acne is a medium-term inflammatory granuloma. (Intermediate) looks like a faint pink. or a faint red

Type 3 pimples are fully inflamed, red, and may have pustules.

Type 4 acne is a more mature inflammatory phase like type 3, but is larger and deeper.

loop cycle

When acne types 2, 3 and 4 are better It will revert to type 1 acne and hide in the skin. Always be prepared to wait for the moment that inflammation will come back. So if acne treatment Still unable to restore normal to pores. (Pilosebaceous Unit) acne has a chance to come back inflamed again. Treatment is therefore to try to get rid of the blockage or push out as much as possible.

Environmental factors also affect acne incurable.

In addition to the matter of treatment There are also many factors related and affecting acne. Each of which is an environmental factor related to our daily life such as diet, occupation, behaviors that may interfere with our skin, environment, pollution and emotional state.

  1. Food There have been reports about the relationship of dairy products (Diary Product) and starchy foods with high glycemic index. (Hyperglycaemic Carbohydrate) and making acne worse. You can try testing these foods to see if they affect your acne. Just abstain from foods such as milk. with sugar, see first
  2. Occupational factors (Occupational Factors) What is your occupation? This part is effective In some professions, a lot of makeup is required. Some makeup products can clog pores and cause acne. For example, those with essential oils or highly alkaline (pH8) cleansers can be one of the causes of worsening acne breakouts.
  3. Skin disturbances: Behaviors that may unknowingly interfere with the skin excessively, such as rubbing, wiping, scrubbing the skin gently. or the use of certain tools, such as a brush system, sound waves (Sonic Brush), which repeatedly interferes with the skin May result in damage to the skin structure.
  4. Environment and lifestyle It is something that we have to face in our daily life. Air Pollution has a huge effect on causing Oxidative Stress, causing the skin to lose its balance. can’t work normally Studies have shown that the sebaceous glands produce more sebum. The number of inflamed and clogged pimples also increases, as well as heat, humidity and UV rays. It can cause acne to become inflamed.
  5. Emotional state There is some evidence that stress includes not getting enough rest. Stress affects the sebaceous glands and can make acne or skin diseases worse.

Be sure to take care of these factors along with applying your medications, taking medications, and acting as your doctor recommends. If you can, believe that The recurring acne symptoms will definitely improve or disappear.

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