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What Do Renters Want in 2022?

2022 is almost halfway through, but the busiest season for real estate is just around the corner—summer. 

If you’re anticipating an influx of applicants, you should know what your prospective renters are looking for. So what do renters want from a rental property in 2022?

Renters always want convenient features and amenities, such as in-unit washers and dryers and soundproof walls. However, renters also have new expectations due to the changing housing market and global health situation. More renters than ever before are working from home. Are your rentals equipped to meet their new needs?

Here are what renters in 2022 want in their units.

High-Speed Internet

The past few years saw many employees working from home for the first time. Many of them never returned. Having found that remote work was entirely possible or even preferable, many renters still work from home in 2022 and plan to continue doing so.

For many work-from-home positions, a high-speed internet connection is a requirement. It’s also a requirement for remote learning. Some renters might be pursuing online degrees and need fast Wi-Fi to stream lectures and collaborate on assignments.

Other renters may just prefer the speed for streaming music and videos.

No matter the reason, high-speed Internet is one of the biggest draws for renters in 2022.

Smart Locks

Smart home technology is one of the most popular housing trends in 2022. It’s also increasingly affordable for ordinary homeowners and small to large landlords.

Smart locks are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled and allow tenants to remotely lock their units. Installing them is an excellent way to prioritize safety and security in your rentals. For instance, a smart lock equipped with a video doorbell could deter porch pirates and warn tenants of potential attempted break-ins.

Smart Thermostats

Renters in 2022 care about protecting the environment. For this reason, installing some eco-friendly appliances like smart thermostats is a very attractive feature.

Smart thermostats automatically adjust the temperature in a unit to maximize comfort and conserve energy. This way, tenants don’t have to worry about leaving the heat on overnight or turning down the AC whenever they aren’t home. A smart thermostat automatically adjusts throughout the day as you come and go. 

This device also saves your tenants on utilities. An energy-conserving thermostat means lower utility bills and less frequent maintenance for HVAC systems.

Community Amenities

Community amenities are an excellent way to attract a variety of renters. These amenities vary for each rental business, but many renters want to take advantage of community gyms, pools, tennis courts, package centers, or other amenities.

Many 2022 renters are Perma-renters (Millennials or middle-aged) or retired seniors. Both these populations value the freedom of renting over homeowning as they can avoid tiresome upkeep and mortgage debt. Because they are spending less time and money on their housing, these renters want access to more amenities than they normally would as homeowners.

Pet Amenities

According to census data, the majority of Americans own pets. This means allowing pets in your rentals is highly lucrative for your business, as most pet-owners will automatically rule out your properties if they can’t bring their pet along.

Renters want their pets to live just as comfortably as they do. This means pet amenities—for example, maybe you install some pet waste stations or keep dog treats on hand in your office space.

Even small improvements for pets can make a world of difference for their owners.

Outdoor Spaces

Renters who work primarily from home want outdoor spaces for relaxing and unwinding. Without adequate outdoor space, WFH tenants may feel cooped up in their units and seek housing elsewhere.

If you have extra yard space, you could build some functional outdoor spaces for residents to share. Some examples include an outdoor kitchen, a playground for kids and pets, or a community garden.

These spaces also facilitate social engagement, which is especially important for renters who work alone all day. Outdoor spaces are great places to host resident events and build rapport with your tenants.

Clean & Healthy Living Environments

Finally, renters in 2022 want a clean and healthy living environment. This means prioritizing sanitation, cleanliness, safety, and security. 

Outside, avoid toxic fertilizers or pesticides which could harm renters. Take all health concerns seriously. For example, if you find black mold in any of your rentals, be sure to have it properly removed and cleaned by a professional to prevent respiratory side effects.

Lastly, be sure to properly sanitize shared community areas or office spaces. 

Attracting Renters in 2022

In general, renters in 2022 want what renters always do—a clean, healthy, secure, and convenient place to live. By paying attention to workplace and community trends or attitudes, you can easily adapt to this year’s batch of renters.

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