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What is Bipolar Disorder and how Crystals Help with it?

Bipolar disorder is known to cause intense mood shifts and emotional fluctuations that come in episodes that may last several days or weeks. If you have bipolar disorder or know someone who does, you know how challenging it is to get through daily life as usual as possible, even if you are getting your condition treated by a professional.

Some people consider healing crystals to help ease the discomfort in the mental and emotional states. However, these are not a replacement for the medication, and you should be more focused on the medicines prescribed to you by the doctors.

People often ask what crystals help with bipolar disorder.

Practically, for bipolar disorder, you should use crystals that stimulate a healthy balance in the mind and spirit and the emotional body. Crystal combinations are used for this, including:

Clear Quartz and Black Obsidian

Wearing clear quartz accessories uplifts, purifies, and cleanses your well-being, while a real black obsidian bracelet protects your energy and keeps you grounded to keep you from wandering off into your mind. However, these crystals are contrary to each other but work amazingly when paired. One complements your natural capability for happiness, while the other prevents you from becoming agitated.

Amethyst and Rose Quartz

It is a famous pair and provides a deep and persistent sense of comfort that breaks through the panic of the unbearable mental condition. Amethyst soothes the mind and brings peace to your routine life, while rose quartz opens the heart to accept loving energy. Together, this pair will bring peace and ease stress.

Citrine and Red Jasper

It is a potent combination of the energies between the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. Citrine carries the power of the sun and life force, infusing joyous and hopeful vibes that can ease depression. Red jasper protects the aura from negative energy like it guards the mind against negative thoughts. Together, these healing crystals will help you restore your sense of purpose.

Single Stones

Some single stones can also work to relieve the symptoms of bipolar disorder, including:

  • Lepidolite:

    It calms the mind and eases anxiety. It is a beautiful lavender stone with a calming effect that can also help with emotional trauma. You need to be gentle with it and keep it away from water because it is a highly soft crystal.

  • Rainbow Fluorite:

    It cleanses the chakras, balances energy, and brings clearness to the mind. It is an excellent comprehensive healing stone because of its multiple colours. It can help purify all chakras and balance your energy, the perfect stone for meditation. It is very calming and also brings clarity to look at things objectively. If you feel off or emotionally unstable, this stone can help you back to the centre and regain your natural balance.

  • Sunstone:

    It uplifts low vibrations and keeps your energy optimistic. It has warm, happy energy, just like the sun. It is a unique Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus stone as it helps with creativity, positivity, and motivation.

  • Charoite:

    It overcomes obstacles, conquers fear, and transforms the negative state of mind into a positive. It is mesmerizing to look at because of its black, white, and deep purple colours. It is excellent at easing stress, encouraging better sleep, and calming the mind so that you can be more present. It is known as the “stone of transformation,” so it is an ideal ally in overpowering obstacles, fears, and energy deterrents that might be holding you from your goals.

  • Hematite:

    It protects and heals while grounding your energy to the earth. Not only is it highly shielding, but it is also very healing. It is a beautiful lavender stone with a calming effect that can also help with emotional trauma. It has been beneficial to many during panic attacks, stress, and overwhelming feelings.

  • Rose Quartz:

    It is a sweet and nurturing crystal. When you feel alone, afraid, or unlovable, this crystal helps you connect with universal love and self-love. Allow its energy to surround you in a loving, gentle hug and remind you that you are deserving and that things will get better.

  • Blue Lace Agate:

    It is often used with Rose Quartz for sleep or to help ease anxiety. It makes you feel more peaceful, with its soft blue colour and white ripples, reminding you of the calming waves of the ocean. It is a beautiful Throat Chakra stone and allows you gently speak your truth and express it effectively.

According to Marham – Find a doctor, Healing crystals for bipolar disorder can be advantageous in multiple ways without requiring much time or effort. Meditating with crystals is a great way to clear your mind while merging with the healing properties of crystals. These healing crystals are also worn in jewellery, preferably on a necklace that sits against the heart chakra, the centre of your emotional body.

However, be sure not to use them as a replacement for medication as they will not give you the results you may want. These healing crystals are more to provide you with peace and calm your nerves while you meditate. There is no wrong way to use them, but remember always to keep them washed and charged to ensure full potential results.

It is always better to consult professionals for better guidance. Book your appointment with the best Neurologist through Marham for more information.

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