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Should you pay attention to before buying a satchel?

A school bag purchase should be well considered because after all, the object accompanies your child over several years of life. best portable baby swing so that the purchase of a cheap school bag does not prove to be a bad purchase, we will tell you below which aspects you should pay particular attention to.

Weight in kg: Satchel should not have more than 15 percent of body weight

Especially for first graders, the satchel should not be too heavy, so that the little ones do not get a broken back at a young age. Therefore, before buying a satchel, you should also keep in mind that it already weighs one to two kilos when empty. Books and pen folders that are stowed away in the interior are not even included. So you can assume that the weight of the filled satchel increases again.

In order not to expect too much from your child, the satchel filled with school supplies should not weigh more than three kilograms (or a maximum of 15 percent of your own body weight). To reduce the weight a bit, for example, you can store some materials in the school locker. Alternatively, you can store the heavy school utensils in the back of the satchel, as they will be easier to transport.

Safety: Reflectors should not be missing as basic equipment

For satchels, you should pay attention to sewn-on reflectors. These increase visibility in road traffic as long as they are mounted on the front and rear sides. There are even guidelines for satchels that conscientious manufacturers adhere to increase the safety of their products. For example, satchels should have at least 20 percent fluorescent and at least ten percent retroreflective material.

In addition, the guideline, which complies with DIN 58124, recommends bright and eye-catching colors for school bags that are easy for cars and cyclists to recognize. Furthermore, the guideline DIN 58124 prescribes tear- and unbreak-resistant material that has a long shelf life. If a satchel for narrow children complies with the standard, it must also have neither loose shoulder straps and closures nor sharp edges.

Capacity: A satchel should fit around 25 volumes in l

So that all notebooks and textbooks can be placed in the backpack, it should have a capacity of a good 25 liters. Ideally, make sure that there is enough space for DIN A4 formats and that the satchel is equipped with many internal compartments.

Design: Are there other colors and motifs in addition to monochrome satchels?

The variety of motifs and designs of satchels is almost infinite. While parents often rate the visual aspect as secondary, it is especially important for children. Because satchels for boys or girls must correspond to the child’s ideas. This makes sense because after all, the child should find pleasure in the satchel in order to go to school every day. That’s why you can buy school bags with horses, for example, but also school bags with a football motif.

If the satchel for your girl is “out”, then it is best to use adhesive and Velcro designs. This gives your child the choice to individually beautify their favorite satchel at any time. In this way, the satchel will last longer, as your child will simply use it longer.

Has Stiftung Warentest already carried out a satchel test?

Stiftung Warentest already carried out an extensive school bag test in 2019, in which the experts took a closer look at a total of 22 school bags for girls and boys. The independent experts used criteria such as daily use, workmanship, and ergonomics as evaluation criteria.

Overall, a total of eight satchels were rated “good”, and the independent consumer organization also rated the wearing comfort of almost all products as good. However, Stiftung Warentest still sees a clear need for improvement in the optical warning effect. As the results show, many satchels would be too dark to be seen by motorists in the morning.

Öko-Test also took a closer look at different school bags and backpacks in its own school bag test in 2020. Overall, weight limit for baby swings the test for three models of the brands ergo bag, Sammies Ergofit, and Scout recommends “very” good” or “good”. The laboratory experts are also critical of the poor visibility in road traffic. Also, the rain weather suitability is not sufficient for all satchels, so notebooks and books soak very quickly in persistent rain. In this regard, the experts recommend buying a satchel with a rain cover, such as a product with a well-functioning rain cover.

In their satchel test, the experts also point out possible pollutants. Overall, there are small residues of lead and mercury in a few models. In small quantities, these heavy metals are not dangerous, but you should still prefer completely pollutant-free satchels without plasticizers and heavy metals to contribute to a positive environmental balance.

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