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What Are The Current Trends In Web Design

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Web designing trends are ever evolving. Even the slightest advancement in technology impacts these trends. Website designers must stay abreast with the latest trends and incorporate them to keep their sites in the good books of search engines. Top web designing companies in Faridabad arrange special training programs to educate their designers about the ongoing design trends. This helps them deliver websites that have the capacity to drive organic traffic. If you are keen on learning about the latest web design trends in the market then read on. We have compiled a list of the top trends that are ruling the web designing industry currently.

Top Trending Web Design Elements

Here are the top web design trends that every web designer as well as website owner must know:

  • Overlapping Text

This is one of the latest design trends. While some of you may find this design element annoying, the truth is it is appealing to a majority of users and has thus become popular. It is known to blur the lines between the written text and overall layout making the web page look visually interesting. Another overlapping practice is placing colour blocks between typography and hero image. This adds an extra layer to the text and enhances its look. Alternatively, the image is contracted and over sized text is used to render a visually appealing look. Asymmetry, another popular design trend, is often used in combination with overlapping text.

  • Rehabilitating the 404

The 404 error page is one thing we don’t want to come across as we browse the internet. No one wants to land on this page. But what if we tell you that you can check out funny graphics and indulge in gaming on this page? We are sure you wouldn’t mind landing here occasionally. Adding interactive mini-games and interesting animations to 404 error pages to engage visitors has become the latest web design trend. It can shift a bad experience into a good one and prompt the visitors to come back for more.

  • Micro-Interactions

The importance of micro-interactions is also being recognized. It has become an essential web design element. A common example of micro-interaction is change in the colour of the link on bringing the mouse over it. Another example can be colours bursting from the cursor as you click on a particular text or image.

  • Parallax Zoom Scrolling

Yet another design element that is gaining popularity is parallax zoom scrolling. Top website development companies in Gurgaon are leveraging it to achieve good ranking and increase website traffic. In this technique the key elements of the page move faster in comparison to its background elements. It takes the readers inward and outward from the horizon line which creates a 3D effect. It puts emphasis on the information you want the readers to grasp without making the page look dull and boring. This design element has been used for a long time and is only getting popular.

  • Animated Cursors

You may have come across animated cursors while scrolling certain websites. And you wouldn’t deny that they offer a wow factor. This is the reason why they are quite in trend these days. You can customize the user experience and make it more enjoyable with the use of these elements. It is a good idea to incorporate an animation matching your brand’s theme.

  • Customised Content

Many websites have started offering customized content to users who revisit them. They customise the content on the basis of their browsing history to enhance their experience. They put forward the content that appears to be more relevant for the users to capture their interest. They also track your location and provide location specific content to make it more relevant. Such personalised experience can keep the readers coming back for more and lead to greater conversions.

  • Interactive Content

The importance of interactive content has long been recognized. However, lately this element is being incorporated in websites more than ever. Interactive sections add value to your website and help in engaging your visitors. Wondering what can be termed as interactive content? Some of the examples of such content can be calculators, polls, quizzes and contests. This type of content gives useful information to the readers and also helps website owners understand their interest. Knowing your readers/ customers is crucial for serving them better. The use of polls, surveys and other such content proves to be helpful in this direction.

  • Fluid Shapes

The use of fluid shapes has become more prevalent in comparison to geometric shapes that were in trend around a year ago. You may have noticed websites using fluid or asymmetrical lines rather than straight lines to demarcate content and different sections. They also enhance the look of the web pages when used in the background.

  • Focus Indicators, Instructions and More

Yet another design element that is making its way is the use of focus indicators. They are visual markers that indicate the focused elements on a web page. People with a low vision or those with limited mobility can benefit from these design elements.

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Using appropriate colour contrast when it comes to text and backgrounds is also necessary. This brings the focus on the information you are trying to put across. The use of functional alt tags for images is another design element.

What’s More?

Thumb friendly mobile navigation, smart videos, dark mode, voice activated interface, chatbots, material design, full page headers, grid system, custom illustrations and white space are among some of the other web design trends that are catching up.


Incorporating the latest web design trends is necessary to maintain a good flow of traffic on your website. Overlapping text, micro-interactions, rehabilitation of 404, parallax zoom scrolling are some of the top design trends in the market. Web designers are also leveraging interactive and customised content, animated cursors, focus indicators and fluid shapes to enhance user experience.

Which of these have you used for your website or are planning to incorporate? Do share with us. Also let us know if you want to find out more about these design elements.

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